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Handmade Beaded Watch Bracelets

Cherry Quartz Watch Bracelet

Handmade Cherry Quartz Watch Bracelet

A 7.5" beaded watch bracelet handcrafted with oval faceted cuts of cherry quartz beads. Petite round cherry quartz beads are snuggled between the oval beads and attached to a Geneva watch face. The watch face displays a decorative design around the exterior. The back of the watch face is stainless steel, contains a Japanese movement and is water resistant. The Geneva stamp is visible on the inside of the watch front and also on the back of the watch face.

Although the watch face states that it is water resistant, we recommend that the watch bracelet not be exposed to water in efforts to extend the beauty and life of the watch. The watch battery can be easily replaced once it has expired.


Handmade Chunky Turquoise Watch Bracelet

Detailed image of the Geneva watch face and facet-cut cherry quartz beads.