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Turquoise Necklace Sets

Blue, Green and White Turquoise with Ornate Bali Silver Necklace Set

Handmade Turquoise Necklace Sets

This 21" turquoise necklace, is uniquely handmade with an ornate Bali Sterling Silver handmade accent in the center of the necklace. Also original of the necklace is how pair of round white turquoise beads are paired opposite on both sides of a homemade white turquoise cylindrical bead in where both of the white turquoises have softly brown cracky flows all around them. You will also notice how medium and large clumps of beautiful blue and green turquoises are joined in between each area of the white turquoise and therefore creates a very rare and one-of-a-kind homegrown turquoise necklace set for you to wear. A large Bali Sterling Silver ornate accent is in the center of the necklace with medium to large round raises paired down the center to the attraction to create. The necklace is completed with a large sterling silver lobster claw clasp for your ease.

Detail of Turquoise Necklace Set

Handmade Turquoise Necklace Sets

Detailed image of white turquoises, and blue and green turquoises with the ornate Bali Sterling Silver accent in the center.


Handmade Turquoise Necklace Set

Matching earrings, measuring near 2" in length and afixed to Sterling Silver French ball earwires, are handmade with pairs of white turquoise cylindrical-cut, with small and large pieces of blue and green turquoises, which the large pieces below at the bottom dangle brilliantly underneath when hung.

Set: $162