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Turquoise Earrings

Dark Wired Turquoise Briolette Drop Earrings

Dark Wired Turquoise Briolette Drop Earrings

This is a very dazzling earring arrangement. It measures just slightly under 3" in complete length, which are afixed to 14K gold-plated French ball earwires when worn. This is a nice mixture as there are a pair of exceptional turquoise briolettes with their own eye-catching accents of dark brown lines across their surfaces. The briolettes of turquoise stones also have a pair of turquoise pebbles laying above the briolettes for niceness. :) The turquoises are afixed to large "rain-drop" designed acccessories. These unique accents are hand-made individually from deep , dark brown "wires", with notice subtle hues of light and bare golds. These were crafted from Native Americans and states the beauty of the materials and planet in this pair. :) To close the design of the earrings, you will also discover one small, turquoise bead laying alone above the wiring. All together, this is a unique and fascinating design and arranging of lovely stone of turquoises, with individuality. :)
Our wonderful and appreciative "thank you"s to our close Native American Tribal friends for their very hard and talents of bead assembly.