Turquoise Chokers handmade in Houston Texas by part Caddo Indian.

Turquoise Chokers

The Native Americans of North America considered this stone to be sacred. They believed it had the ability to protect the body systems from pollution. Its cooling ability helps the respiratory system of the body. It not only helps the physical body but also the spiritual one also. Truly a Gem!

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Handmade Beaded Turquoise Choker.

White Turquoise and Heishe Choker with Crystallized Agate Pendant

Here is a uniquely handcrafted 16.5" choker which is designed with rounded pieces of "white turquoise" beads. Each bead has waved markings of deep, dark brown shades and allows each bead to look earthy and natural. Two pairs of larger round pieces, along with smaller pieces also joined in the design with each being mixed with regular turquoise heishe beads. For an added beauty, a large, agate pendant that shows spectacular bits of tiny natural crystals, create a lovely "cave" in the center of the pendant and makes the choker a one-of-a-kind. Completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp. A lightweight pair of similar earrings is available with this choker if desired. Made of the white turquoise and heishe beads on French sterling silver earwires.


Handmade Beaded Turquoise Choker with Cherry Amber

Cherry Amber and Turquoise Nugget Choker

A lovely 17" handmade choker, with freeform turquoise nuggets which are joined with authentic deep, rich cherry amber beads in round and cylindrical shapes. "Antiqued" gold roped beads add warmth to the choker, which is completed with a petite gold-filled lobster claw clasp.


Double Layer Tibetan Turquoise and Swarovski Crystal Choker

Double Layer Tibetan Turquoise and Swarovski Crystal Choker

A lovely two layered choker which is handmade with rectangular cut pieces of beautiful Tibetan turquoise, handmade by native and talented Tibetan monks living there. This choker measures 18" and is blended with two shades of Swarovski crystals. Medium size lime crystals shine beautifully with petite dark malachite-green crystals, paired together, which is a new shade recently crafted by Swarovski. The two strands overlay each other while reflecting the elegant Swarovski crystals, with faceted cuts that illuminate their shine, and enhancing the dark brown/black natural markings of the Tibetan turquoise. Completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.


Turquoise Choker.

Smoky Quartz and White Turquoise Choker

A very elegant 16" choker, handmade with uniquely shaped white turquoise stones. Light and dark brown "veins" add a natural beauty to the choker, and faceted smoky quartz gemstones add shine and enhance the earth tones within the white turquoise stones. The choker is completed with a sterling silver clasp.


Bali and Turquoise Beaded Choker with Smoky Quartz

Bali and Turquoise Beaded Choker with Smoky Quartz

This handcrafted choker, which measures just over 17" in length, is designed with "puffy" oval stones of natural turquoise, which contains shades of sky blue, light browns and olive greens. Each turquoise stone is placed with cube shaped smoky quartz gemstones. For added shine, exquisite handmade Bali sterling silver and clear crystal beads are blended into the choker, which is completed with a Bali sterling silver roped toggle clasp.


Sea Green Turquoise with Crystal Choker

Sea Green Turquoise and Crystal Choker

A soothing beaded choker which is handcrafted with five large turquoise oval gemstones, and medium sized freeform turquoise nuggets. The turquoise nuggets are paired together with handmade cylindrical Bali sterling silver beads, and natural turquoise rondelles which are snuggled in between alternating patterns of petite marquis and round clear Swarovski crystals. The choker measures just under 18" in length, and is finished with a bright silver flowered toggle clasp.

Various shades of sea greens, blacks and browns are visible in the design as are the characteristics of natural turquoise.


Handmade Turquoise Choker with Briolette Flower Clusters

Flowered Turquoise Briolette Choker

This unique 16.5" choker is handmade with clustered sections of various turquoise briolettes. Each cluster is accentuated with smooth sterling silver beads, and portions of the choker, designed with natural turquoise chips, give the choker a nice flowing appearance. An elongated drop of matching turquoise briolettes hang freely from sterling silver chain links, and the choker is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.



Turquoise Choker.

Turquoise Choker with Silver Beads

A contemporary design displaying diamond-shaped stabilized turquoise stones. Sterling silver beads are added and give this 16.5" choker its shine and simplicity. Completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.


Turquoise Choker.

Arch Turquoise Choker

This handmade choker consists of arched turquoise pieces that are joined with turquoise pebbles. A pair of turquoise arches dangle down the center for a completely unique centerpiece. Smooth sterling silver beads add a nice cooling to the choker, which is completed with a sterling sivler lobster claw clasp.


Handmade Turquoise Choker.

Underwater Turquoise Pendant with White Turquoise Choker

This beautiful 17" choker is a one-of-a-kind-handmade piece that is made with an entire collection of small round and medium puffed pieces of white turquoise beads. You will notice that each of these pieces have assortments of occasional dark to medium wrinkles and lines flowing throughout the white turquoises.This makes them very beautiful. There is also a gorgeous centerpiece of a large and very puffed seawater turquoise pendant, which comes handmade in to a "cross". Light blues can occasionally be seen in the pendant and there are two different entailments on it. One side shows a "Water Mermaid with a Diving Fish" and the other side shows a "Lobster Reaching Upward". Both of these adornments are made in "Sterling Silver". and may be seen on whichever side you prefer to alter with. The choker is finished with a small sterling silver lobster claw clasp and well matches.


Graduated Turquoise Needle Choker.

Graduated Turquoise Needle Choker

A 16.5" choker stunningly handmade with turquoise 'needle beads'. This design lays beautifully around the neckline, creating a unique accessory. The turquoise 'needles' range in size from 1/2" to 1 1/2" long. Sterling silver beads, in addition to a Bali stelring silver toggle clasp, complete the necklace.


Turquoise Raindrops with White Turquoise Choker.

Turquoise Raindrops with White Turquoise Choker

This unique 16.5" choker is handmade with chunks of "white turquoise" nuggets all around this design. Small flat rounds of "white turquoise" are sandwiched in between the white turquoise nuggets and make an unusual design in this with light to dark touches of browns all over them. You will see different colors of dark greens to dark sky blues of turquoise "raindrops" hanging in various areas of this choker design and make a wonderful uniqueness to it, looking great when worn. :) There are also subtle marks of browns in rare areas of the sky blue turquoises. The choker design is completed with a sterling silver and small, roped toggle clasp allowing for ease and security when worn. :)