Turquoise Jewelry by part American Indian from Houston, Texas.

Turquoise Bracelets

The Native Americans of North America consider this stone to be sacred. They believe it has the ability to protect the body systems from pollution. It is believed to be a healing stone that strengthens the eyes, alleviates fevers and eases headaches. Its cooling ability helps the respiratory system of the body, and helps not only the physical body, but the spiritual one as well. Truly a Gem!

Custom jewelry orders are always welcome. For more selections, feel free to visit our sister site for American Indian Jewelry, including a turquoise jewelry section.

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Turquoise Bracelets

Gold Coral, Celestial Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet

{Sold} Gold Coral, Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet

This bracelet, just shy of 8" in length, is handcrafted with nuggets of turquoise, which are paired with circular and sparkling light topaz crystals in between. To enhance the gold coloring, clusters of gold coral branches are added along with faceted green Swarovski crystal rondelles to match the green shades of the turquoise. The bracelet is completed with a 14 gold-plated lobster claw clasp.

In efforts to help protect oceanic wild coral resources, we utilized farm-raised gold coral in the design of this bracelet.


Handmade Beaded Turquoise Bracelet.

Turquoise Bracelet with Silver Beads

9" bracelet handmade with stabilized turquoise stones. The unique diamond-shaped stones allow this bracelet to have its own character. Sterling silver beads enable the turquoise stones to stand out beautifully. Completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Contact us if you would like us to create a custom made turquoise bracelet just for you.



Zuni Bear Fetish Turquoise Bracelet with Swarovski

An 8.25" beaded bracelet designed with various sizes of turquoise Zuni bear fetishes. Petite 14K gold-plated beads accentuate the Zuni bears and medium and large erinite Swarovski Austrian crystals add brillance. Completed with an antiqued copper toggle clasp.


Handmade Beaded Cross Turquoise with Green and Clear Crystal Bracelet.

Cross Turquoise with Green and Clear Crystal Bracelet

A uniquely-designed bracelet, handcrafted with carefully-carved "cross" turquoise stones, which are joined together with Swarovski crystals. Beautifully-sparkling petite clear, with aurora borealis, and dark emerald green Swarovski crystals shining between the confines of dark green Swarovski caps with gold accents, add elegant beauty to the bracelet. Measures just shy of 8" in total length, and is completed with a gold-plated lobster claw clasp.


Handmade Smoky Quartz Crystal and Turquoise Nugget Bracelet

Smoky Quartz Crystal and Turquoise Nugget Bracelet

Measuring near 8" in total length, this turquoise bracelet is handcrafted with four various-sized and shaded turquoise nuggets which are snuggled in between pairs of turquoise pebbles. For added shine, smoky quartz Swarovski helix crystals are embedded throughout the design and add nice glamourous sparkle with the earthy tone of the bracelet design. Completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.


Handmade Beaded Turquoise Bracelet with Citrine

Citrine Gemstones with Turquoise Nugget Bracelet

This warm bracelet, measuring 7.75" in length, is handmade with natural algae-green freeform turquoise nuggets. The nuggets are blended with round and faceted cuts of yellow citrine gemstones, while gold-plated flowered accents work to give the design a "vintage" style. Completed with a 14K gold-plated roped toggle clasp.


Handmade Turquoise Bracelet.

Lava Rock and Opaline Turquoise Bracelet

This handcrafted accessory is a "chunk-styled" 8.5" bracelet, with three large oval turquoise stones. Sterling silver flower accents adorn the turquoise stones as soft opaline picasso Czech glass beads add hints of hazy mint. Diagonal cubes of porous black lava rock adds character to the bracelet, which is completed with a Bali sterling silver toggle clasp.

Due to the large sizes of the stones, this bracelet may accomodate ladies with 8" wrist sizes.


Turquoise and Coral Briolette Bracelet

Turquoise and Coral Briolette Bracelet

This colorful 8" bracelet is handmade with wavy-cut oval turquoise stones. Briolette coral beads, placed in triplicate around the bracelet, are clustered together to create a "flower" design in between the turquoise. The bracelet is completed with a sterling silver clasp.


Jigsaw Wood with Green Turquoise Bracelet

Jigsaw Wood with Green Turquoise Bracelet

A earth-toned bracelet, just over 8" in length, handmade with round beads of green turquoise gemstone, containing various shades of dark and light green, black, and brown. Each turquoise stone is accentuated with "antiqued" silver beads and placed next to sparkling green celestial crystals. To enhance the browns, light and dark pieces of jigsaw-shaped wood are added and bring a unique flow to the bracelet, which is completed with a sterling silver clasp.


Handmade Carved Turquoise Bracelet

Carved Turquoise Bracelet

A unique 8" bracelet, handmade with exquisite carved pieces of turquoise. Decorative silver accents blend into the design, which is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.