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Turquoise Chokers

Turquoise Raindrops and White Turquoise Choker

Handmade Turquoise Choker

This unique 16.5" choker is handmade with chunks of "white turquoise" nuggets all around this design. Small flat rounds of "white turquoise" are sandwiched in between the white turquoise nuggets and make an unusual design in this with light to dark touches of browns all over them. You will see different colors of dark greens to dark sky blues of turquoise "raindrops" hanging in various areas of this choker design and make a wonderful uniqueness to it, looking great when worn. :) There are also subtle marks of browns in rare areas of the sky blue turquoises. The choker design is completed with a sterling silver and small, roped toggle clasp allowing for ease and security when worn. :)

Detailed image

Handmade Turquoise Choker

Detailed image of the white turquoise stones and handcarved sky blue turquoise briolettes.