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Turquoise Chokers

Underwater Turquoise Pendant with White Turquoise Choker

Handmade Turquoise Choker

This beautiful 17" choker is a one-of-a-kind-handmade piece that is made with an entire collection of small round and medium puffed pieces of white turquoise beads. You will notice that each of these pieces have assortments of occasional dark to medium wrinkles and lines flowing throughout the white turquoises.This makes them very beautiful. There is also a gorgeous centerpiece of a large and very puffed seawater turquoise pendant, which comes handmade in to a "cross". Light blues can occasionally be seen in the pendant and there are two different entailments on it. One side shows a "Water Mermaid with a Diving Fish" and the other side shows a "Lobster Reaching Upward". Both of these adornments are made in "Sterling Silver". and may be seen on whichever side you prefer to alter with. The choker is finished with a small sterling silver lobster claw clasp and well matches.


Handmade Beaded White Turquoise Choker

Detailed image of the thick seawater turquoise "cross" pendant and its Sterling Silver enhancements.