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Herkimer Diamond and Glass Pearl Necklace Set

pearl necklace sets beaded in Houston Texas

An 18" necklace designed with small glass white pearls. Woven into the handcrafted design are Herkimer Diamond Crystals and clear marquis glass crystals placed on adjacent sides of the Herkimer crystals. Herkimer Diamond Crystals are natural, beautiful and brilliant. Herkimer Crystals are exquisite. Because of the gemstone's clarity, natural facets, and double termination (points at both ends), these crystals are referred to as Herkimer Diamonds. Quartz crystals are approximately five hundred million years old with these natural gems being mined in central New York state.


handmade pearl necklace sets handcrafted in Houston Texas

Matching 1.5" earrings, afixed to sterling silver earwires, are handmade with Herkimer crystals in between small white glass pearls.

Set: $150