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Double Layered Fallish Autumn Pearl Necklace

pearl necklaces beaded in Houston Texas

This elegant creation, measures in two festive strands. The inner strand (shortest), measures around 18" in length, and is handmade gloriously with various styles and facets small, medium and largeness of multicolored freshwater pearls. The entire double-layeredness of the handmade style is designed with entireness of only multicolored-ness of ALL freshwater pearls. This entails the beautiful hues of this handcrafted jewelry accessory. :) The next piece is the outer strand (longest), which measures around 20.25" in length. This includes this exceptional piece to look and entail only amazing when worn by a purchaser. :) All this decorative necklace design has thorough hues of all freshwater pearls, in multicoloredness. This includes following shades of deep to dark peaches, apricots and fireable caramels. Medium "moon-rings" are seen over these freshwater pearls and differed designs. Also revealed are colors of small to mediumed butter-scotches, pale-yellows, olived-garnet-greens with includinations of "moon-rings", light peaches and peppered-carmaels with subtle "moon-rings", ivory medium-large freshwater pearls that display beautiful fullness of their "moon-rings" on them. Furthermore, you will notice a few of these freshwater pearls to have some corrosion-ness of their spaceable layered markings (differences), and various coloring hues, which may add detailing yet interesting roughness of these 'bare-ing and spaced un-usualling smoothness' of freshwater pearls. All together, this handmade necklace piece is most definitly a beautiful accessory to be worn, and a fabulous entailment for a glamorous lady which also brings a stunning mixture of only-various multicolored sea pearls. :) This creation also adds being held with a wonderful host of a large sterling silver lobster claw clasp, that greatly holds being worn securly and evenly. This is a versatile pearl necklace which is believed to bring a perfect, yet fashioned multicolored accessory.


pearl necklaces beaded in Houston Texas

Matching image of the close-up of the multicolored freshwater pearls that are in the necklace, and shows the detailness involved of the colors. :)