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Pearl Choker Sets - 217

Multi Saltwater Pearl Choker Set with Rondelle and Swarovski Earrings

Saltwater pearl choker sets handmade in Houston Texas

This uniquely designed 17.5" pearl choker consists of a multitude of white and light ivory 'Saltwater Pearls', with sterling silver and roped toggle clasp at the top. There is also a handcrafted rare rondelle drop at off the toggle clasp at the top of two saltwater pearls for a nice accent. :) Both of the tops have two solid sterling silver crimp covers for elegant niceness. The choker or necklace sits across the neckline and gives wonderful elegance of nice touch on a lady. Some of the saltwater pearls have subtle moon rings on them to add to the pearls, as they are rare and difficult to find for their uniqueness. :)

Choker in Detail

pearl choker sets beaded in Houston Texas

Detailed image of the Saltwater Pearls.


Saltwater pearl choker sets beaded in Houston Texas

Matching 1" earrings, on sterling silver French ball earwires, each matching saltwater pearls that come in ball formation and skinny rice-shaped form. Both earrings have beautiful oval crystal hoops that hang in various forms on the earrings, yet sparkle wonderfully when worn. The luminescent shining hoops on the earrings are fantastically made by and out of 'Swarovski' crystals. :)

Set: $183