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Pearl Choker Sets - 205

Twisted Glass Gold Dust Pearl Choker Set with Various Pearls

pearl choker sets handmade in Houston Texas

This wonderful unique set is handmade with large clear glass, twisted beaded pieces that are sparatically filled with glorious sparkling gold/copper stardust. You will notice this shining stardust throughout the glass twisted pieces that are individually created in the Czech Republic for their quality designs. :) Occassional moon blues may be see in some of these designs for their uniqueness, but not in all. :) Furthermore, you will take notice that their are two to three various sizes of these glorious freshwater pearls, that are so often heighten in their sparatic shades of sand, copper, caramel, and golds. This adds to the perfect mixture of the earth-mixtures of this combination, and it appears apparently perfect with the various hues of attires. :) The choker/necklace is handmade at a size of subtleness over 17", and has a petite 14K gold-filled lobster claw clasp on it. There is also a pair of the perfect identical pair of earrings, measuring around 2" in length, which were handmade to be with this set, and it is afixed to 14K gold-filled French ball lobster earwires. :)

Detail of Set

pearl choker sets beaded in Houston Texas

The twisted glass with stardust glitter is combined with the earth pearls, and the sparkiness is luminescent in this pearl choker set and earrings. :)


pearl choker sets beaded in Houston Texas

Matching earrings with earth pearls are on 14K gold-filled French earwires and measure to the length of approximately 2".

Set: $116