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Tiger's Eye with Crystal and Dark Peach Pearl Choker

Tiger's Eye with Crystal and Dark Peach Pearl Choker, handmade in Houston

This is a very earthy 19" choker design, which shows it is used with large and rectangular Tiger's Eye gemstones. The loveliness displays that these tiger's eye gemstone show their black, and dark and light brown warm shades in their housing of these gemstone, and with each large rectangular tiger's eye gemstone utilizes a unique flair with their making. :) Each gemstone will show, throughout the choker, that there is a multiple mixture of dark browns and crystal clear faceted pair blends, which are "celestial crystal". Furthermore, will be sections of "dark peach" freeform freshwater pearls with their own subtleness on them, which are found all over the choker. The choker design is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp for security, and this design may be worn with any style of earth tones with its containment of these natural shades.