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Pearl Chokers - 108

Blue Jean Freeform Pearl Choker

pearl chokers handmade in Houston Texas

This is an all-around accessory of only beautiful pearls. A 16" choker with wonderful freeform freshwater pearls which are apparent in a "twisted top and bottom" free style and with only shades of various "blue jean" blues, and hues of subtle colors of sparatic caramels, greys and forest greens. These shades vary as to how they may be seen over the lovliness of the freeform blue pearls. There is also alternating patterns of <*> dark green/blue glass pearls that are knowingly made by renowned Swarovski designer, and <*> pairs of small freshwater pearls with delicate hues of light lavenders/blues/greys. :) All together, these pearls work phenomeningly terrific and blend fabulously as a family of pearls. :) This handmade choker is completed is a silver clasp, and two distinguishable circular rings, allowing for perfection and glamour. :)