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Cranberry Mystical Pearl Necklace with Star

beaded necklaces and handmade necklaces handcrafted in Houston Texas

A simple 18.25" necklace design with an elegant outline down the bodice of cranberry-colored freshwater pearls and round Swarovski crystals alternating in single and double patterns. A large, sparkling 7-point crystal star that contains a colorful aurora borealis. The necklace is completed with a silver lobster claw clasp for secure attachment.

Pearls are believed to represent the best within people, including traits of wisdom, integrity, honesty, and purity. They help to keep dignity with us, and to accentuate a woman's femininity, helping to provide calm, beauty, and self-acceptance. Pearls are also taught to bring insight of how you appear to others by serving as a "mirror". They also lift your spirits, and are associated with healing to the solar plexus, immunity, and to relieve emotional stress.