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Green Aventurine and Onyx Double Layered Mystical Beaded Necklace

beaded necklaces and handmade necklaces handcrafted in Houston Texas

This heavy-weighted, double strand necklace is beaded with various shapes of green aventurine and onyx gemstones. Beautiful pieces in round, cylindrical, chips, and flat-rounded create a beautiful design of style. A rare flat 2" onyx and green quartz pendant hangs gracefully in the center, and the 18" necklace is completed with a silver, flowered toggle clasp for ease of attachment and removal.

Green Aventurine is a gemstone believed to be an all-round healer for the heart and soothing to the spirit. The gemstone is thought to negate pollution of eletromagnetic properties and to help in blocking out negative effects of computers, televisions and other various electronics. Green Aventurine has been used to soothe stomach ailments and to eliminate negative emotions and thinking, bringing calm to the body and spirit. Onyx is a gemstone that is thought to strength, promoting energetic ability, stamina and vigor. This gemstone brings self-confidence and works to help bring feelings of ease in your environment. To overcome grief, depression, onyx should be used, which can also help to encourage feelings of happiness and contentment. This stone is believed to have metaphysical capabilities in helping with relief for ailments of bone, bone marrow, blood, mouth and the feet.


beaded necklaces and handmade necklaces handcrafted in Houston Texas

Detailed image of green aventurine and onyx gemstones with matching pendant.