Handmade Plearl Chokers beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Pearl Chokers & Freshwater Pearl Chokers

Our handmade pearl chokers come in a variety of pearls, styles, and colors. Our designs have become very popular for weddings, homecomings and other social events.

We also have a collection of handmade bridal chokers which are designed with a variety of white and ivory freshwater or glass pearls. If you would like a bridal choker custom made for your wedding, please feel free to contact us with your Bridal Jewelry Inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you

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Please click on the thumbnails for a larger image. If you would like the item but in a different size, please let us know and we can alter it for you.

Double Layered Pearl Choker with Ivory Freshwater Pearls

Double Layered Ivory Freshwater Pearl Choker

This is a lovely accessory for any lady as the design entails two layers of elegance and beauty. The inner strand is handmade with smaller freshwater pearls and the measurement is 16" in length. The outside strand is handmade as well with slightly larger freshwater pearls. All of these are made with button-style and you will discover "moon rings" on several of these freshwater pearls as markings, and it has a measurement of 16.25" in length. :) The beauty of this choker looks amazing on a neckline and will blend itself as a gorgeous accessory with any wardrobe when worn. :) All white/ivory is utilized throughout all of these freshwater pearls, and they all blend together perfectly. :) A sterling silver rounded clasp for security and closure. :)


Rose Quartz, Pink Opal and Pearl Choker

Rose Quartz, Pink Opal and Pearl Choker

A delicate 16.75" choker beaded with soft pink opal gemstones, which are blended with chips and coin-shaped pieces of rose quartz gemstones. Ivory freshwater pearls give the choker a lovely softness and the choker is completed with a sterling silver Swarovski clasp, adorned with pink crystals.


Keshi Pearl Choker with Dark Brown Glass

Keshi Pearl Choker with Dark Brown Glass

A unique 16.5" design encompassing large dark brown glass beads, with subtle marble patterns. Clusters of freeform caramel/lilac freshwater keshi pearls, with light aurora borealis finishes, give the choker a one-of-a-kind flair. Petite 14K goldplated accent beads enhance the warmth of the design, which is completed with a lobster claw clasp.


Golden Pearl Choker in the Victorian style.

Victorian Styled Golden Pearl Choker

Golden-brown freshwater button pearls flow towards two pairs of coordinating handcarved jade gemstones. A large, victorian-styled copper accent sits beneath the pearls, with an additional jade gemstone dangly beneath. The 16.25" choker is completed with a 14K gold-plated lobster claw clasp.


Black Obsidian and White Pearl Choker.

Pearl Choker with Black Obsidian

A 16.5" choker handmade with freshwater button pearls. Black obsidian stones are beaded into the choker with small faceted rondelles, and two-toned Czech glass beads. An 1.5" glass teardrop pendant hangs elegantly down the center. Completed with a bali silver toggle clasp.


Handmade Pearl Choker with Sponge Coral

Sponge Coral and Ivory Baroque Pearl Choker

Soft, ivory baroque freshwater pearls grace the neckline in this 17" handmade choker. Baby ivory freshwater pearls are embedded between the baroque pearls and flow towards beautiful round pieces of sponge coral. Sparkling Swarovski aurora borealis roundelles and baby freshwater pearls are snuggled between the sponge coral, and the choker is completed with a gold-filled lobster claw clasp.


Handmade Saltwater Pearl Choker

{Sold} Saltwater Pearl Choker

A handmade choker, measuring 16.5" in length, beaded with beautiful saltwater pearls. These pearls create a spectacular flow of elegance and beauty around the neckline and simply completed the look with a sterling silver clasp.

Saltwater pearls are grown individually in oysters. They are more expensive than freshwater pearls as their cultivation process is more lengthy. Saltwater pearls are farmed one at a time inside the oyster, resulting in one saltwater pearl per oyster. Freshwater pearls are farmed inside mussels and with multiple irritants, resulting in numerous freshwater pearls inside one mussel. Both pearls have features that make them both wonderful investments and heirlooms.


Handmade Pearl Choker.

Blue Jean Freeform Pearl Choker

This is an all-around accessory of only beautiful pearls. A 16" choker with wonderful freeform freshwater pearls which are apparent in a "twisted top and bottom" free style and with only shades of various "blue jean" blues, and hues of subtle colors of sparatic caramels, greys and forest greens. These shades vary as to how they may be seen over the lovliness of the freeform blue pearls. There is also alternating patterns of <*> dark green/blue glass pearls that are knowingly made by renowned Swarovski designer, and <*> pairs of small freshwater pearls with delicate hues of light lavenders/blues/greys. :) All together, these pearls work phenomeningly terrific and blend fabulously as a family of pearls. :) This handmade choker is completed is a silver clasp, and two distinguishable circular rings, allowing for perfection and glamour. :)


Golden Pear Pearl Choker with Crustacean Pendant

Golden Pear Pearl Choker with Crustacean Pendant

A 16.25" choker with an earthy concoction of golden colored pear-shaped pearls with subtle hues of aurora borealis. A fabulous crustacean pendant makes this choker a truly one of a kind creation, which is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.


Pink Swarovski Glass Pearl Choker.

Pink Swarovski Glass Pearl Choker

A simple and feminine 16.5" choker encompassing a flowing pattern of light pink Swarovski Glass Pearls. Smooth sterling silver beads combined with a sterling silver toggle clasp, brings elegance to this sophisticated design.


Freshwater Pearl Butterfly Choker

Freshwater Pearl Butterfly Choker

A 16.5" choker handmade with soft white freshwater pearls. Crystal clear roundel beads contain red faceted rondell beads, which allows the beads to beautifully resemble 'butterflies' throughout the choker. The design is completed with a silver lobster claw clasp.


Onyx and Faux Pearl Choker

Onyx and Faux Pearl Choker

A 16.5" choker handmade with white faux pearls, which are placed in triplicate with lovely black oval onyx beads. Sterling silver beads blend into the design, which is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.


Pink Faux Pearl Choker with Pink Cube Crystals

Pink Faux Pearl Choker with Pink Cube Crystals

A 16" pink faux pearl choker designed using cube pink crystal beads as an addition to the pink pearls. Pearls are in a sequence of threes with a tiny 2mm pink bead on either side of the pink cube crystal bead.


Tiger's Eye with Celestial Crystal and Dark Peach Pearl Choker

Tiger's Eye with Celestial Crystal and Dark Peach Pearl Choker

This is a very earthy 19" choker design, which shows it is used with large and rectangular Tiger's Eye gemstones. The loveliness displays that these tiger's eye gemstone show their black, and dark and light brown warm shades in their housing of these gemstone, and with each large rectangular tiger's eye gemstone utilizes a unique flair with their making. :) Each gemstone will show, throughout the choker, that there is a multiple mixture of dark browns and crystal clear faceted pair blends, which are "celestial crystal". Furthermore, will be sections of "dark peach" freeform freshwater pearls with their own subtleness on them, which are found all over the choker. The choker design is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp for security, and this design may be worn with any style of earth tones with its containment of these natural shades.


Staggered Baroque Pearl Choker with Swarovski

Staggered Baroque Pearl Choker with Swarovski

This dazzling 16" choker is handmade with soft rice-shaped ivory freshwater pearls, which are accented with petite marquis-shaped Swarovski crystals. Beautiful ivory baroque freshwater pearls, with their enlongated freeforms, create an eye-catching centerpiece in the front of the choker and are joined with sparkling round clear Swarovski crystals. The choker is completed with a Bali sterling silver toggle clasp.