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Gemstone Jewelry : Necklace Sets

All of our necklace sets are handmade with rare and unique gemstones, and have been designed with the highest level of craftsmanship and originality. Custom beaded jewelry orders are always welcome.

Italicized information discuss the ways gemstones have been utilized throughout history and amongst spiritual healers. We make no claims or guarantees to the actual effects and abilities of the gemstones. The italicized information is for historical and educational purposes only.


Gemstone Necklace Sets

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Peridot Gemstone Lariat with Swarovski

Peridot Gemstone Lariat Necklace Set with Swarovski

Rectangular beads of beautiful peridot gemstones create a stunning 42" lariat. Round and twisted oblong Swarovski crystals, accented with Bali sterling silver beads, dazzle and shine brilliantly throughout the lariat. Completed with a sterling silver flowered toggle clasp.

Peridot is a gemstone known for being a powerful cleanser and has been worn to release and neutralize toxins. Stress, anger and guilt are erradicated due to peridot's ability to help open the heart to joy. Peridot helps heal the lungs and heart, and has been worn to help skin disorders and increase confidence.

Set: $199

gemstone necklace set.

Ivory Pearl with Oval Onyx Gemstone Necklace Set

This dark creation is an elegant flow of oval onyx gemstones. A pattern of round faceted onyx gemstones centered between pairs of petite ivory freshwater pearls, resulting in a 20" eye-catching necklace. Completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

Onyx is a gemstone that is believed to give strength. It promotes stamina and bestows self-confidence. Onyx also is worn by individuals to help ease feelings of sadness and grief, encouraging happiness.

Set: $100

Beaded gemstone necklace set.

Lapis Lazuli with Iron Oxide, Crystal and Labradorite Gemstone Necklace Set

This 20" necklace is handmade with soothing shades of blues. Puffy, pear-shaped gemstones of exquisite lapis lazuli are blended with oval cut pieces of unique labradorite gemstones. The lapis lazuli have flecks of "gold", which are created by the gemstones containing iron oxide in which gives the lapis lazuli stones lovely features and a higher quality. Medium faceted clear Swarovski crystals join the lapis lazuli and petite periwinkle blue Swarovski crystals give the necklace a joining shine with the "gold" sparkles of the lapis lazuli. The necklace is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Labradorite is a lovely gemstone referred to as "A Stone of Magic" and is known as a "Crystal of Shamans and Healers". The gemstone is called the "Most Powerful Protector" in this world and protects people from negativity and helps strengthen natural energies within. It helps to bring healing to the lungs and vision, and has been used in treatment of brain disorders and to reduce and avoid stress. Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone which is the most highly prized stone in Egypt with the golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen being richly laid and covered with lapis lazuli, in addition to ancient jewelry and scarabs. The deep cobalt blue with gold flecks utilized in this design represents royalty and honor, and is a "universal symbol of wisdom and truth".

Set: $143

Chunky Green Quartz Gemstone Necklace Set.

Chunky Green Quartz Gemstone Necklace Set

A 20" heavy-weighted beaded necklace which is handcrafted with stunning green quartz gemstones. Each gemstone has been handcarved to emit beautiful impressions of natural chlorite. As these shine in the necklace, deep emerald-colored, faceted glass roundelles snuggle on opposite sides of smaller black glass roundelle beads. These glass roundelles work to enhance the lovely color of an onyx with green quartz 2.5" gemstone pendant in the center, which also displays the sparkling chlorite inside. The necklace is completed with a large, silver lobster claw clasp.

Green Quartz is a beautiful gemstone. The stone is considered to be a "Master Healer" as green is the color of Mother Nature and believed to be in all living things. Green Quartz is thought to help heal ailments or disorders by assisting the body in eliminating unhealthy cells, aiding in healthy cell regeneration, and enhancing the vibration and connection with nature.

Set: $313

Handmade Beaded Gemstone Necklace set with Black Obsidian and Black Fire Crackle Agate

Black Fire Crackle Agate Gemstone Necklace Set

This double layered necklace is handmade with an inner layer of lovely, round black fire crackled agate gemstones. Each gemstone displays beautiful, white "cracks", and measures 19.5" in length. The outer layer contains the round, black fire crackled agate gemstones, which are snuggled in between small black obsidian-gray-white tubular cuts of obsidian stones, and is completed with a Sterling Silver lobster claw clasp.

Agate is a gemstone that is believed to strengthen creativity and intellect. In Ancient times, beads of agate were worn on the breastplates of soldiers to help make them victorious in battle. Agate has also been worn to help cleanse and balance a person's chakra energy by working to remove negative energies, and is worn to help bring good luck and protection.

Black Obsidian has been used to help protect against depression. It is a stone that is worn to help block any form of negativity and is also believed that black stones have protective energies. Due to the belief that black is the absence of light, black obsidian was worn to create invisibility in ancient times and was also worn by soldiers in battle.

Set: $138

Gemstone Necklace Set.

Blue Quartz Gemstone Necklace Set

A 19.5" beaded necklace designed with faceted ocean blue quartz gemstones. Sterling silver beads are incorporated into the necklace, which is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Blue Quartz is a stone of tranquility. It has soothing properties and is de-stressing. The stone can help bring about wisdom, compassion and love. Also, sterling silver is a 'cooling' bead and it is relative to the earth. This necklace has been handcrafted to bring calm to the wearer.

Set: $100

Gemtone Necklace Set.

Fuchsia Quartz and Onyx Gemstone Necklace Set with Amethyst Pendant

A 19.75" necklace which is handmade with elongated onyx gemstones with varied fuchsia(dark pink) quartz embeddings. These gemstones display a lovely uniqueness in the necklace, which also has a large and light freeform lavender amethyst gemstone pendant as the base. Shining, light to mediuim pink glass beads sparkle throughout the fuchsia quartz and onyx briolette gemstones all over. Pairs of black wood chips surround the light pink glass beads all over the necklace. The gemstone necklace is completed with a decorative sterling silver heart toggle clasp.

Black Onyx is a gemstone that helps to repel negative energies throughout the body. The stone has been worn to also keep bad influences away as it is a stone which can repel such negativity. Onyx is also worn in many societies to help and aid the healing of blood disorders and cell damage.

Set: $122

Gemstone Necklace Set.

Coral with Crazy Horse Jasper Necklace Set

A wonderfully varied 19.25" design encompasses wavy oval cuts of "Crazy Horse" jasper gemstones, joined with dark sponge coral nuggets. This "Y" design also brings in cocoa penshell heishe beads to compliment the earthtones. A cluster of sterling silver beads leads to an elegant 4" drop down the bodice. The necklace is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

Coral is an appropriate gift for the 35th anniversary. It is worn to strengthen the body's circulatory system and bones. It has been said that coral also withdraws impurities from the muscular system and counteracts depression. Jasper is a healing gemstone and is revered as the "Supreme Nurturer" of gemstones.

Set: $125

Handmade Beaded Gemstone Necklace Set.

Garnet and Pink Opal Gemstone Necklace Set

This heavy-weighted 18" necklace is handmade with nuggets of deep garnet gemstones and soft, coin-shaped pink opal gemstones. Petite goldplated accents warm the contrasting colors, which is completed with a lobster claw clasp.

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January, and was worn by Roman soldiers during battle for protection. Garnet inspires love and passion, and helps to overcome control anger, especially when directed to the self. Pink Opal is a gemstone known for its ability to encourage up-lifting feelings, and help rid negative feelings of shame or guilt. Pink Opals help bring love and light back into one's life and facilitate sweetness.

Set: $139 On Sale! $79

Gemstone Necklace Set with Tiger's Eye.

Tiger's Eye Necklace Set

20" necklace beaded using two sizes of tiger's eye gemstones. Pieces of black obsidian are interwoven within the necklace. A 2" tiger's eye pendant drapes down the center. Finished off with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that has calming properties, helping to alleviate anxiety and fear. It stablizes mood swings and brings courage and confidence to the wearer. The stone also has protective qualities, helping to reduce the negative effects of stress and tension on the body.

Set: $120 On Sale! $99

handmade Gemstone Necklace Set with Snakeskin Jasper and Labradorite.

Carnelian and Agate Double Layer Gemstone Necklace Set

This is an eye-catching necklace design which encompasses unique beauty and originality. Soothing shades of medium and warm oranges of carnelian gemstone teardrops, lay around the outer edge of the necklace around the graceline of a lady. Small, round adjusting colors of oranges and deep reds create a small front line on the inner strand. Leading down from there are paired cuts of jaspers in smooth grays, ivories, blacks and browns, with alternating orange and deep red gemstones.

On the outer strand, pairs of jaspers in their alternating shades are embedded with large round and flagstone-shaped carnelian gemstones in their warming colors. So as the flagstone gemstones may have their rock formations evident in certain lighting. Furthermore, thinly-cut sterling silver coin-shaped accents shine around the necklace in the areas they imminent in the heated colors around the neckline. All the fall colors blend beautifully together, and are completed with a large, silver lobster claw clasp for secure. Inner strand: 19.75"; Outer strand: 20" Lays comfortable around the neckline and collarbone areas.

Jasper is believed to be a supreme nurturer as it helps to support and sustain the body during times of stress and encourages tranquility and wholeness. Carnelian is believed as a healing stone, and for it to be used to help cure diseases of the blood, as well as to stop nose bleeds. It is said to aid in the elimination of toxins and waste products from the body, and has been used in the form of an elixir, to help heal cuts and abrasions more quickly. Helps fight negativity and depression, enabling us to look at the brighter side of life, bringing with it a feeling of optimism. Carnelian is believed to help quell feelings of anger and annoyance, allowing for logical and clear thinking to rule our actions, plus to be a grounding stone and to relieve stress-related problems and situations.

Set: $210

a muli colored gemstone necklace set.

Multi-Color Blue Quartz Gemstone Necklace Set

Muli-colored blue quartz "button" beaded and oval faceted beads are used along with sterling silver and bali spacers. Finished with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp. Measures 17"

Blue Quartz is a gemstone that can help to dispel depression and bring in peace and happiness. The gemstone can also assist in peaceful thinking and meditation. For healing, blue quartz can help with cooling the body, aiding in detoxification, easing hyperactivity, and enhancing healthy function of the spleen and endocrine system.

Set: $75 On Sale! $69

Emerald Green Pearl And Garnet Gemstone Necklace Set

Emerald Green Pearl And Garnet Gemstone Necklace Set

Dark shades of emerald green are the prominent colors in this 19" gemstone necklace. Green garnet, a new gemstone that is gaining popularity, is mixed with dark green freshwater pearls and smooth sterling silver beads. Silver ornate spacers make this gemstone necklace appear "vintage".

Green garnet is a gemstone that is believed to be a gemstone with properties to strengthen meditation and focus in all situations. Pearls helps to provide a centered focus to one's attention and bring truth to situations and loyalty for good causes.


Gemstone Necklace Set.

Garnet and Goldstone Gemstone Necklace Set

This 17" earthy necklace is beaded with glamourous goldstones. These goldstones contain tiny flecks of "gold", which is a result of iron deposits. Deep, dark beads of garnet gemstones add richness to the necklace, which is completed with a lobster claw clasp.

Garnet is a gemstone for individuals born in January. Garnet opens the heart and instills passion and devotion. The gemstone also encourages aids in healing of spinal disorders, purifies the heart and lungs and strengthens the immune system. Goldstone is a man-made stone, but has been used to increase warm and up-lifting feelings in the wearer.


Red and Fancy Jasper Gemstone Necklace Set with Shell Pendant

Red and Fancy Jasper Gemstone Necklace Set with Shell Pendant

18.5" necklace consists of clusters of fancy jasper gemstone pieces, joined with marquis-shaped beaded silver. Color-varied cuts of moakite jasper gemstones are housed in the center of ivory shell rings. A beautiful shell pendant with accents of ivory creates a dramatic focal point. The design is completed with a silver toggle clasp.

Red Jasper has a gentle stimulating effect on the body and is thought to be a very protective gemstone. It has been worn to correct unjust situations, and brings light to difficult situations. In healing, Red Jasper has a detoxifying effect on the body's circulatory system, blood and liver. Fancy Jasper encourages honesty and helps support and re-energize the body during and after a prolonged illness.


Gemstone Necklace Set.

White Turquoise and Flowered Jade Gemstone Necklace Set

This one-of-a-kind handmade necklace, measuring almost 21" in length, is elegantly designed with white turquoise tear-drop gemstones. Clusters of multi-colored fancy jasper gemstones add variety to the white turquoise pieces and also enhance the unique beauty of five hand carved jade gemstones. The necklace is completed with a roped Bali silver toggle clasp.

Jade, in its many varities, is worn to increase wealth, longevity, and luck, and is highly prized in the Orient. White Turquoise is a stone that is harvested in one vein in the deep South, and no other vein, at this time, has been discovered. The Native Americans treasure white turquoise stone, and its beauty is exquisite.

$222 On Sale! $149

Sapphire Lace Agate Gemstone Necklace Set

Sapphire Blue Lace Agate Gemstone Necklace Set

This 21" necklace is handmade with a pattern of large various sapphire blue lace agate neckpieces. Medium pieces of various blue sapphire pieces are in between throughout the necklace and so are different sizes and styles of blue sapphire nuggets. Deep, dark blue enlongated and rounded lapis lazuli gemstones with their unusual styles of bright, gold hues of energy are also on it, with the same styles of gold also being on the rounded, cones with their same hues of energy. All in all, this makes the gemstone necklace look beautiful. There are also indifferent contoures of petite and medium round bead dues around the necklace.

Blue lace agate is a gentle, calming stone that brings on tranquility and grace. It brings about calming and tranquility along with a lessening of anger, and a calming of nervousness. It is even considered a happiness stone from these harmonious energies it carries, as well as one of hope. Spiritually, blue lace agate assists in grace, reaching higher Spiritual planes, and communicating with angels and activates the throat chakra. It can help bring stronger intuition. Inspiration is another hallmark of blue lace agate, with it being said to be useful for performing miracles. As a throat chakra stone with a gentle blue coloring and energy, blue lace agate is considered a stone of communication. It can ease the harsh edge off communication in difficult times, enhance public speaking, and smooth discussions. As with all agates, blue lace agate is a protective stone. Its protective energies are more gentle and subtle than some stones, but it is effective nonetheless. It can be particularly effective when calling upon angels for protection. Its calming and soothing energy that can be protective in its own right, as well. Additionally, blue lace agate is a particular protector for children. In the crystal healing realm, blue lace agate is used as an aid with arthritis, joints, bones, headaches, especially tension headaches, colic, digestive issues, appropriate growth, immune system issues, throat, skin issues, stuttering, nervous speech habits and patterns.


Handmade Beaded Gemstone Necklace Set.

Tibetan Agate and Fire Crackle Agate Gemstone Necklace Set

This handmade 19" necklace is designed with cylindrical pieces of Tibetan agate stones. Round fire crackle agate gemstones, with shades of white, red, orange, brown, and black enhance the earthy tones within the Tibetan agate stones. "Antiqued" gold-colored accents add warmth to the necklace, which is completed with a gold-filled clasp.

Agate has been utilized for bringing the body, mind and spirit into harmony. It has been worn to cleanse and stabilize the aura, and to help dispose of negativity. Agate is believed to calm feelings of tension and promote healing of the eyes, pancreas, and the eyes. Individuals have worn agate to alleviate disorders of the skin.


Gemstone Necklace Set with Aquamarine Nuggets.

Aquamarine Nugget Necklace Set

A heavy-weighted necklace beaded with nuggets of the natural beauty and elegance of aquamarine gemstones. These nuggets are paired next to ornate bali silver accents, which allow a very feminine appeal to the 18" necklace. Completed with a bali silver roped toggle clasp.

Aquamarine is the gemstone for individuals born in the month of March. The gemstone is believed be a stone of peace, joy and happiness. It is also thought to be a protective stone whilst traveling over water. Aquamarine has also been exchanged between brides and grooms as it helps to ensure good health and brings peace.

Contact us if you would like us to create a custom made gemstone necklace set just for you.

$195 On Sale! $152

Gemstone Necklace Set with Unakite and Red Coral.

Goldstone and Pink Opal Necklace Set

Marquis-shaped pieces of pink opals are blended with sparkling goldstones in this 17.5" gemstone necklace. The pink opal stones have subtle color variations which beautifully accentuate the goldstone. The necklace is completed with a bali silver toggle clasp.

Pink Opal is a gemstone with vibrant and up-lifting qualities. It helps to bring love and light to the wearer, and helps to leave troubles in the past. Pink Opal has also been used in healing for diabetes and skin disorders. Goldstone is a man-made stone, but has been used to increase up-lifting feelings and help heal disorders such as poor circulation, painful joints and arthritis.


Gemstone Necklace Set.

Cathedral Glass and Olive Jade Gemstone Necklace Set

An elongated design of smooth, oval-shaped olive jade gemstones, which are blended with puffy oval-shaped cathedral glass beads from the Czech Republic. The cathedral beads contain darker green-colored centers, allowing for nice contrast. Petite gold-filled accent beads add shine to the 20.5" necklace, which is completed with a gold-filled lobster claw clasp.

Jade is a gemstone of calm and peace. It is believed to help release negative thoughts, anxiety and fearful emotions. Jade also helps to bring love into the heart of the wearer. Green jade is thought to help the nervous system and is believed by many cultures to be a factor for longevity.

$133 On Sale! $105