Handmade necklaces and necklace sets beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Gemstone Jewelry : Necklace Sets

All of our necklace sets are made with rare and unique gemstones, and have been designed with the highest level of craftsmanship and originality.

Custom beaded jewelry orders are always welcome.

Italicized information discuss the ways gemstones have been utilized throughout history and amongst spiritual healers. We make no claims or guarantees to the actual effects and abilities of the gemstones. The italicized information is for historical and educational purposes only.


Gemstone Necklace Sets

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Gemstone Necklace Set with Amazonite

Amazonite Gemstone Necklace Set

This 24" versatile necklace is handmade with elongated, oval-cut beads of multi-color amazonite gemstones. Each gemstone contains colors of soft brown, ivory, caramel, sky blue, periwinkle, white and black. The gemstones are blended with twisted smoky quartz glass beads which sparkle with black onyx gemstone roundelles. The necklace is completed with a large, silver-plated lobster claw clasp.

Amazonite's soothing turquoise color helps to ease anger, frustration and anxiety, bringing calm and relieving stresses. It is also powerful in attaining and maintaining personal balance. The gemstone also aids in dissolving negative energies and helping to establish boundaries, which causes the gemstone to be a supportive crystal for the workplace. Amazonite helps with cell regeneration and healing after injury or bodily traumas. It is believed to help heal skin rashes and relieve muscle spasms. Additionally, in Tutankhamun's tomb, a scarab ring of amazonite was found inside, among his kingly treasures. Also, it has been discovered that the seventh chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead was written entirely on amazonite gemstone.


Gemstone Y Necklace Set with Blue Topaz and Sea Opal.

Blue Topaz and Sea Opal Y Necklace Set

A 26" Y necklace designed with blue topaz gemstone, which only can be found in the state of Texas. Faceted sea opal glass beads are placed throughout.

The pendant has a 2" teardrop with silver beads and seal opal beads at either end. A decorative sterling silver toggle clasp for closure.

Set: $200 On Sale! $175

Gemstone Necklace Set with Amber and Amethyst.

Fluorite Gemstone Necklace Set

A 25" necklace which does not require a clasp. The fluorite beads has the natural colors of purple and greens. Between each fluorite nugget lays a single small round fluorite bead which is used as the spacer. This is a beautiful set with the natural colors of the fluorite.

Matching 1.5" earrings, afixed to sterling silver French earwires, consists of pairs of twisted oval and round pieces of fluorite gemstones.

Fluorite gemstone is a protective stone. It is useful in straightening your thoughts, and for the ability to gain perspective. Fluorite strengthens a wearer's analytical abilities because it affects the conscious (intellectual) mind, quells strong emotions and smooths thought over the anger, feelings of desperation and depression.


Black Agate Gemstone Necklace Set

Black Agate Gemstone Necklace Set

Dark elegance flows through this 17 necklace, which is handcrafted with coin-shaped black agate gemstones. Ornate bali silver accents flow towards a large, wavy agate pendant, that drapes beautifully in the center. The pendant has a few slight surface imperfections. The necklace is completed with a sterling silver clasp.


rose quartz and ruby garnet gemstone necklace set

Rose Quartz and Ruby Garnet Gemstone Necklace Set

This delicate 18.5" necklace is handmade with lovely ruby garnet faceted gemstones. The vibrance of the ruby garnets is softened by pairs of light pink rose quartz gemstones.

Set: $119 On Sale! $84

Gemstone Necklace Set with with Dark Amber and Onyx

Dark Amber and Onyx Gemstone Necklace Set

This handmade necklace, measuring slightly over 17" in length, is handcrafted with faceted beads of onyx gemstones. Larger dark amber beads are embedded into the "Y" design, which has an elegant custom made 2.5" drop.

Onyx is a protective gemstone that is believed to deter negativity away from the wearer and to convey courage. Amber is a fossilized resin from trees of the Oligocene epoch. It has been associated with longevity and is related to Akasha, which is symbolic of life and living things.

$170 On Sale! $139

Pearl and Flowered Rose Quartz Gemstone Necklace Set

Pearl and Flowered Rose Quartz Gemstone Necklace Set

This unique 20" design is handmade with "V" shaped beads of soft rose quartz gemstones. Clusters of freeform, petite freshwater pearls are embedded between the rose quartz pairs, which are joined with exquisite white with subtle aurora borealis highlights over marquis-shaped freshwater pearls. Some of the marquis-shaped freshwater pearls may have light raised markings over them. The handmade gemstone and pearl necklace is completed with a large sterling silver lobster claw clasp, which will make the necklace easier to secure.

Set: $175 On Sale! $143

Forestgreen Porcelain and Black Gemstone Necklace Set

Forestgreen Porcelain and Black Gemstone Necklace Set

This nice looking 18" necklace is uniquely handmade with medium-sized-"forest green" porcelain round beads, with unusual air holes in the centers of all of them. Jewelry wire may be seen in between these forestgreen porcelain beads as a different style for this handmade necklace and is a neat variation. :) You will see tiny dots of black and some hues of subtle browns and very slight ivories. With these color schemes different, they seem to go well along with all outfits. :) Also are unique round with bare air holes too of beads handmade by two friends of Native Americans which made these beads out of only pure wood. These beads are all black for the design and are paired in between all bead shapes of this necklace. One more detail will show that round black fire crackled agate gemstones are alternatly varied with oval, black agate gemstones. The gemstone necklace is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp and is a nice final piece for closure of this design. :)

Agate is a gemstone that is believed to strengthen creativity and intellect. In Ancient times, beads of agate were worn on the breastplates of soldiers to help make them victorious in all battles and wars they fought. Agate has also been worn to help cleanse and balance a person's chakra energy by working to remove negative energies, and is worn to help bring good luck and protection.

Set: $91

Gemstone Necklace Set.

Amazonite Y Gemstone Necklace Set

This handmade 19" necklace is crafted with small soft amazonite gemstones. The gemstones cascade down towards three Russian amaozonite gemstone nuggets. Three unique Bali sterling silver accents decorate the design, which is completed with a sterling silver clasp.

Amazonite is a soothing gemstone that has a peaceful affect on the body. It alleviates worry, fear and helps rid the body of trauma and stress on the body caused by negative energy and emotions.

Set: $105

Gemstone Y Necklace Set.

Jasper and Jade Gemstone Y Necklace Set

The elegance of subtle tones is apparent in this 20.5" necklace. Handcarved jade gemstones are blended with rectangular cuts of jade and olive colored freshwater "blistered" pearls give character. Large, slender pieces of jasper with a wonderful marbled appearance, create a dramatic flow to the 3" drop. The necklace is completed with a bali silver toggle clasp.

Set: $165 On Sale! $126

Handmade Kyanite Beaded Necklace Set.

Sparkling Blue and Kyanite Gemstone Necklace Set

For the lady who loves blue, this 17.75" is handcrafted with elongated and diamond-shaped, soothing kyanite gemstones. These beautiful gemstones have light variations within them, giving the some of the gemstones an "iced" appearance. Faceted, two-toned blue/gray beaded briolettes add wonderful sparkle around the necklace, which is completed with a petite sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

Kyanite is a beautiful, silvery blue gemstone which was discovered in the 19th century, and is found in Brazil and Switzerland. There are various colors of kyanite, with the blue version being the most precious and valued. Many people believe that the kyanite gemstone helps to restore balance in the body, and that the stone can also help to bring soothing feelings of peace and tranquility. Kyanite is utilized by many healers for meditation and to help with depression.

Set: $123