Handmade Earrings beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

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We use a variety of stones for our handmade gemstone beaded earrings. Gemstones come in a wonderful array of colors and many people believe that gemstones have cleansing and theraputic properties. Many ancient civilizations gave gemstones in rough forms or designed in jewelry as gifts and as a way to show their loyalty to kings and queens, as wedding gifts, to protect women during childbirth and to welcome the new infants. If you wish for us to custom design you a pair using your birthstone, or any other type of gemstone, then please feel free to contact us. [details in page footer]

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Pink Quartz Gemstone Earrings

Pink Quartz Gemstone Earrings

A dainty 1.5" pair of earrings on sterling silver earwire were designed with a faceted pink quartz gemstone, nested between Swarovski crystal bicone beads. A very feminine and sparkling pair of earrings.


Tibetan Emerald Drop Gemstone Earrings

Tibetan Emerald Drop Gemstone Earrings

An elegant pair of 2" earrings, handmade with lovely Tibetan green emerald gemstones, which are capped with handcarved sterling silver. The gemstones dangle from sterling silver French earwires, which are also handcrafted with small flowered designs. A pair of large, round sterling silver accent beads completes the look.

The emerald is the birthstone for individuals born in May. It is a wonderful gemstone which many healers have utilized to heal the heart. Many cultures revere the emerald as a symbol of faith and hope, and this stone is thought to preserve love. Therefore, the emerald is known as the sacred stone of the Greek Goddess Venus. The stone is also believed to bring wisdom and to help soothe a troubled mind.


Handmade Beaded Jewelry
Handmade Beaded Onyx Gemstone Earrings

Antiqued Black and Marbled Onyx Earrings

These handmade 1.5" earrings are beaded with a dark elegance, with an "antiqued" flair. Marbled onyx gemstones contain unusual swirls of light grays. dark browns and soft white shades within, and are situated above silver beaded accents designed to give the pair an "antiqued" look. Slightly larger pure black onyx gemstones dangle below, adding rich darkness to the pair, which is afixed to sterling silver French ball earwires.

Onyx is believed to impart strength and stamina to the wearer. This gemstone has also been worn to help with feelings of grief and sadness, while helping to instill happier feelings. Onyx has also been worn by individuals to help with healing of blood and bone disorders.


Wasabi and Snakeskin Jasper Gemstone Earrings.

Wasabi and Snakeskin Jasper Gemstone Earrings

This pair of 1.25" earrings are handcrafted with snakeskin jasper gemstones, which display unique swirls and shades. Beautiful sterling silver accents give the pair a flowered appearance and a pair of petite emerald green wasabi glass beads complete the design. Completed with sterling silver French earwires.


Gemstone Earrings with Ivory Pearl and Aquamarine

Ivory Pearls and Aquamarine Gemstone Earrings

These dainty earrings, measuring slightly over 1" in length, are handmade with freeform aquamarine gemstones. A pair of ivory freshwater pearls are placed above sparkling Swarovski crystal accents. The earrings are afixed to sterling silver French earwires.

Aquamarine is a gemstone that is used to sooth and calm emotional disturbances. It is a stone of peace, joy and happiness. It has also been worn traveling over water, as it is believed to confer protection. Pearls are symbolic of the Moon and Water and are associated with various aspects of the Goddess.


Gemstone Earrings 206

Rose Quartz Gemstone Earrings

Rose quartz nuggets with sterling silver bell caps placed at either end. Measuring 1.5" and hang from sterling silver earwires.


Gemstone Earrings 207

Ocean Blue Crystal and Amethyst Earrings

2" earrings with an elegant amethyst gemstone coin bead with an ocean-blue crystal bead atop the design. Each bead is centered between gold vermeil bead caps, and the earwires are 14kt gold filled.


Tibetan Silver and Onyx Gemstone Earrings

Tibetan Silver and Onyx Gemstone Earrings

A lovely pair of 1.75" earrings which are designed with black onyx gemstone, and capped with handcarved flowered Tibetan silver. Onyx rondelles, situated on top of ornate Tibetan silver accents, complete the design. The earrings are afixed to sterling silver French ball earwires.

Black Onyx is a gemstone which is believed to increase steadfastness and determination. It is a grounding stone and is viewed to be valuable in difficult or confusing times in lives. Ancient Egyptians wore onyx to assist in the emotional process of releasing past attachments to people, places and things. Onyx is used to help absorb Universal energy. People have worn onyx to deflect and/or absorb negativity of others, and therefore, due to its dark shades, is a good stone for protection from negative forces and influences.


Gemstone Earrings 209

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Earrings

A pair of handmade earrings, designed with high-quality lapis lazuli gemstones. The stones display exquisite inclusions of tiny pyrite particles and their beauty is visible when worn. The pair, measuring just shy of 1.75" in total length, contains gold-plated accent flowers to enhance the warmth in the lapis lazuli gemstones. The earrings are completed with 14K gold-plated French ball earwires.

Lapis lazuli are believed to be healing gemstones. They have been worn to improve overall health and to increase psychic awareness. The stones have also been associated with easing negative emotions and depression, helping to increase warm and loving feelings in the heart area due to its referral as a "truth and friendship" gemstone.


Handmade Citrine Beaded Gemstone Earrings.

Light Topaz and Citrine Gemstone Earrings

A warm 2.25" pair of elongated earrings which are handmade with a beautiful pair of citrine gemstones, and topped with exquisite Bali sterling silver encasings. To enhance the citrines, large and petite light topaz Swarovski crystals shine above. Completed with sterling silver French ball earwires.

Citrine has been utilized by ancient and modern healers to help heal individuals with endocrine and digestive disorders. The stone is thought to cleanse, purify and eliminate toxins in the body. Citrine is a wonderful gemstone to bring about calming and to soothe distressing situations and conditions. Individuals have used citrine to help ease depression and to protect against abuse and negative thoughts.