Gemstone Chokers beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Gemstone Jewelry : Chokers

We use a variety of stones for our gemstone chokers, including rare, hard to find, or unusual stones for our jewelry designs.

Italicized information discuss the ways gemstones have been utilized throughout history and amongst spiritual healers. We make no claims or guarantees to the actual effects and abilities of the gemstones. The italicized information is for historical and educational purposes only.

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Gemstone Choker with Tree Amber and Lemon Jade.

Tree Amber with Lemon Jade Choker

A 16.5" choker beaded with faceted oval cuts of lemon jade gemstones. A single coordinating piece of tree resin amber is placed in the middle, and creates an elegant expression of simplicity. Completed with a gold-filled lobster claw clasp.


Handmade Black Jade Gemstone Choker with Geode Pendant

Black Jade Gemstone Choker with Geode Pendant

This dark and elegant gemstone choker has been outlined with hand-carved pieces of round, black jade gemstone beads are placed with smaller pairs of black wood beads in between. They lay around the neckline in this 16.5" handmade choker, which also is situated with a beautiful, black geode pendant. A stunning, "cave" of shining, tiny natural crystals are visibly embedded in the pendant and amazingly seen with a smaller "haze" just behind in the pendant. The choker is completed with a sterling silver clasp with the design being a very unique accessory.


Azurite-Malachite Gemstone Choker

Azurite-Malachite Gemstone Choker

A 16.5" choker handcrafted with oval azurite-malachite gemstones. The wonderful blend of colors include dark emerald greens, with hues of blacks and blues. Coordinating faceted black glass beads enhance the dark richness of the choker, which is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Azurite-Malachite is a gemstone that has comforting qualities, especially regarding anxiety and disease. The stone helps to encourage loving connections with higher states of being and universal love and light. Azurite-Malachite also aids in mediation.


Gemstone Choker

Rainbow Casilica with Smoky Quartz Gemstone Choker

This 16.5" handmade choker is designed with twisted marquis-shaped rainbow casilica gemstones, that have a wonderful variety of colors. Light and dark browns and turquoise shades are combined with round faceted smoky quartz gemstones. A turquoise-colored mother-of-pearl pendant, with a decorative silver etching, finishes the look. The choker is completed with a sterling silver clasp.


Gemstone Choker handcrafted with White Turquoise and Goldstone.

White Turquoise with Goldstone Choker

An earth-tone based choker, measuring slightly under 17" inches, incorporates triangular cuts of white turquoise, with natural dark brown "veins". Square cuts of sparkling goldstones are added with 14K gold-plated accent beads to add warmth to the choker. The arrangement is completed with a 14K gold plated lobster claw clasp.


Gemstone Choker handmade with deep faceted amethyst.

Deep Amethyst Gemstone Choker

This simple, yet elegant choker is designed with a lovely, flowing design of deep, faceted cut amethyst gemstones. The gemstones lay beautifully around the neckline with a 16.5" length, and is completed with a sterling silver flower toggle clasp.


Gemstone Choker.

Agate Choker with Pendant

Bright, vivid colors of light and dark oranges, beige, dark brown, opaque white, and dark reds all coordinate gloriously in this 16.5" choker. Freeform pieces of agate gemstones cascade around the neckline, giving a full and natural appearance. A large, breath-taking pendant, measuring 2.25" sits in the center.


Peach And Cranberry Pearl with Rose Quartz Choker

Peach And Cranberry Pearl with Rose Quartz Choker

This gorgeous 16.5" choker is designed with soft rose quartz cuts, in a twisted oval shape, and two stunning colors of freshwater pearls. Peach and Cranberry pearls are snuggled in between each rose quartz gemstone, which results in a unique blend of nature's gems.

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Gemstone Choker.

Marbled Onyx Gemstone Choker

Dark, marbled pieces of freeform black onyx gemstones are designed in pairs along with rounded marbled onyx gemstones. A variety of shades from white, light gray, smoke, and black all blend together beautifully in this 16.75" choker design.

Onyx is a gemstone that is believed to give strength. It promotes stamina and bestows self-confidence. Onyx also is worn by individuals to help ease feelings of sadness and grief, encouraging happiness.


choker with chrysocolla gemstones

{Sold} Porcelain and Chrysocolla Gemstone Choker

A 16.5" handmade choker beaded with two-tone porcelain beads, with shades of blue and brown. Rectangular beads of chrysocolla gemstones, with their lovely blues, blacks, and greens, are blended with black glass beads. Completed with a gold-filled lobster claw clasp.

Chrysocolla is a gemstone that has been worn to lower nervous feelings and to help soothe irritability. This gemstone has been utilized by medicine men to help bring about healing of the liver and for lowering blood pressure. Chrysocolla has also been used to strengthen a body's resistance levels against disease and negativity.


Quartz Gemstone Choker.

Rose Quartz Gemstone Choker

A 16.5" choker created using delicate rose quartz gemstone beads. Pink freshwater pearls are interwoven with pink celestial aurora borealis crystals placed at either end of the pearls. The choker is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.


Smoky Quartz and Black Onyx Gemstone Choker

Double Layered Labradorite Gemstone Choker

This unique design entails the calming colors of labradorite. Elongated seed-shaped pieces of labradorite are joined with chips of the gemstone, creating two layers to lay around the neckline. A labradorite pendant, with a light blue-green holographic reflection dances across the pendant. The choker is completed with a Bali sterling silver toggle clasp.

Labradorite, also referred to as Spectrolite, is a gemstone that has been worn to ease insecurities and fears. The stone helps the wearer to strengthen faith in themselves. Labradorite has been worn to stimulate imagination and sharpen mental acuity. This gemstone helps relieve anxiety, stress, and tension.


Gemstone Choker with Fire Opals and Mountain Crystal

Fire Agate and Crystal Choker

A warm and vibrant 17" choker handmade with unusual gemstones of fire agates. The gemstones contain colors of light orange, with "crackles" of white. Lovely clear mountain crystals, referred to as 'Herkimer Diamonds', which is due to their being located in Herkimer, New York, are blended into this design. The choker is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Fire Agate gemstones are said to have a stabilizing effect on the energy fields of the body. They transform and clear negative energies from the emotions, helping the body to elimate envy, anger, fear, and sorrow. Fire Agates are mainly found in volcanic rock formations in areas of Southern Mexico, California and Arizona.

Herkimer Diamonds are stones utilized for protection and energy. They are, in fact, minature, double-terminated quartz crystals. Quartz crystals are symbolic of spiritual and intellectual qualities of humans and are used to alter states of consciousness and in healing.


Sold Handmade Hawaiian Lava Rock and Jigsaw Wood Choker Set with Blue Lace Agate Gemstone Choker

Hawaiian Lava Rock and Jigsaw Wood Choker Set with Blue Lace Agate Gemstone Pendant

A 16.25" choker handcrafted with puffed oval pieces of 'Hawaiian Lava Rock'. This is made of dark pieces with several natural holes embedded in each gemstone. :) Near the top you will notice a few sections of light and dark naturally broken pieces of soothing 'Jigsaw Wood' that has lovely characteristics in a few parts of this choker. Otherwise, you will see light and dark settled freshwater pearls with natural mood rings in a few of them, around the choker. A large, arched, handmade 'Blue Lace Agate Gemstone' with subtle swivel lines and arcs around it with settling indentions around it. They make beautiful combinations to the choker, and the entire piece looks fantastic together. :) Completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Blue lace agate is a powerful healing gemstone, which is used during meditation. This gemstone instills peace and happiness and relieves stressful emotions, allowing a clear thinking mind. It has been worn by individuals with arthritic conditions and bone weakness. Blue lace agate also brings balance to the wearer.