Gemstone Choker Sets handmade with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Gemstone Jewelry : Choker Sets

We use a variety of birthstones, precious, semi-precious, and rare stones for our unique handmade necklaces. We can custom design a gemstone beaded necklace or gemstone beaded necklace set just for you. Thank you.

Custom jewelry orders are always welcome.

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Amethyst Gemstone Choker Set

Amethyst Gemstone Choker Set

This 16.5" gemstone choker is handmade with dark amethyst gemstones. These deep amethyst stones are high quality, due to their dark, rich coloring. Sparatic Swarovski aurora borealis rondelle crystals are placed into the choker, giving sparkle to the dark elegance of the choker. Completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

The amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. Amethyst instills inner peace and tranquility. It bestows stability and strength and has been worn to encourage and support sobriety. Amethysts have calming, healing, inspiring and protective qualities and can enhance psychic awareness.


Amazonite Gemstone Y Choker Set

Amazonite Gemstone Y Choker Set

This uniquely handcrafted choker is designed with marquis-shaped pieces of soft amazonite gemstones. Each gemstone has its own special display of colors ranging from light blue, sky blue, white, and hues of light greens and brown. Embedded between the gemstones are blue and light green glass pendants, which give this choker a three-dimensional appearance. The choker is completed with a Bali silver toggle clasp.


Gemstone Choker Set.

Multi-Colored Jade Flowers with Unique Pearls Gemstone Choker Set

This rare and unusual style of this lovely 17.5" choker or necklace design is handmade with elegant and exceptionally beautiful pieces of handcarved multi-colored jade gemstone flowers. It is noticeable that the flowers in this choker style are so detailed with its own variety of colors and enhancing 'roses' in each and every jade gemstone. Shades of olivine greens, forest greens, deep and hazed plums, cranberry, some hues of desert plums, small markings of black and sanded caramels, and ivory/mauveness show through in all the jade gemstones in this nice choker. :) They are placed in enhancing pairs around the neckline, with three clustered 'rosey jade flowers' matching the neckline. :) In this design, you will discover that there is an alternating pattern of paired and faceted smoke quartz gemstone beads and pairs of beautiful coined freshwater pearls. These pearls have wonderful gorgeousness of desert to olivine greens, but noticing that these freshwater pearls are delicate and have natural impressions on them with colorful aurora borealis and caramel-gold lightings in multiple areas of them. There is nice uniqueness and beauty in this design, and looks lovely on an elegant and classy lady when worn. :) This handcarved design most certainly discovers and demonstrates its individual earthy flair. :) The choker or necklace is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp, and gives a slight style with its small sterling silver chain to only give its oval ring as the clasp attachment for security.


Gemstone Y Choker Set.

Multi-Quartz with Red Jasper Gemstone Y Choker Set

Y choker consisting of various shades of quartz gemstones. The gemstones snuggle next to red jasper pieces. A cluster of them join in the center, with three quartz gemstones and sterling silver accents. The choker is completed with a sterling silver clasp.

$115 On Sale! $65

Gemstone Choker Set beaded with Ocean Blue Agate and Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystal and Ocean Blue Agate Gemstone Choker Set

A 17" choker handmade with various shaped ocean blue agate gemstones. Trapezoid, rectangular and elonglated styles of these gemstones contain a wonderful blend of ocean and turquoise blues, browns, and sand shades. Pairs of the ocean blue agates are joined with petite clear Swarovski crystals with light aurora borealis hues. The choker is completed with a silver lobster claw clasp.


Snakeskin Jasper Gemstone Choker Set.

Snakeskin Jasper Gemstone Choker Set

This handmade 16.5" choker is crafted with unique gemstone beads called "Snakeskin Jasper". Each stone is different, with mixed patterns. A snakeskin jasper pendant is suspended from the choker and adorned with sparkling green Swarovski Austrian crystals. The choker is completed with a silver toggle clasp.


Y Choker Set with Amazonite and Jade.

Amazonite and Jade Y Choker Set

Soft, light blue briolettes of amazonite gemstones are paired with exquisite handcarved pieces of jade gemstones. 14K gold-plated accent beads add warmth to the "Y" designed choker, which measures just under 16". The choker is completed with a 14K gold-plated lobster claw clasp.


Fuchsia Agate Gemstone Choker Set

{Sold} Fuchsia Agate Gemstone Choker Set

This very unique 16.5" choker is handmade with square dangles of fuchsia agate gemstones. Pairs of soft mauve-pink freshwater pearls enhance the variety of colors within the gemstones. A 2.5" triangular fuchsia agate pendant dangles from the design, which is completed with a sterling silver clasp.


Yellow Jade, Amber and Agate Gemstone Choker Set.

Yellow Jade, Amber and Agate Gemstone Choker Set

A fall-inspired 16.5" choker designed with chunks of yellow jade, mixed with warm pieces of dark amber and agate gemstones. Ivory hand-carved beads are added, along with button freshwater pearls to add coolness to the earthy color scheme.

A hand-carved leaf pendant, designed from peach aventurine, serves as a wonderful fall piece. The design is completed with a 14K gold clasp.

$120 On Sale! $60

Handmade y choker set with Black and White Onyx gemstones

Black and White Onyx Y Choker Set

Stunning marquis cuts of black and white onyx gemstones beautifully grace the neckline, with slices of coordinating heishe beads. The 16" Y creation gathers below to a large, round black and white onyx pendant. The choker is completed with a jet black Swarovksi box toggle clasp.


Gemstone Choker Set.

Aquamarine Balls and Sterling Silver Gemstone Choker Set with Earrings

This simple choker measuring 18.75" in length is very easily handmade with a unique-arrangment of round, sterling silver connected links in a beautiful enclosure around the neckline. A large silver lobster claw clasp completes the choker design and a various enlightment of stunning aquamarine oval-round ball gemstones are gorgeous as they are subtly extended around the chain. Very light enclosures of rare browns, whites and aurora borealises are unique and can be seen in tiny spots around the aquamarines. This is a beautiful, yet stunning episode in these spots with the handmade design becoming a one-of-a-kind.


Dalmation Jasper with Onyx and Wood Gemstone Choker Set.

Dalmation Jasper with Onyx and Wood Gemstone Choker Set

A 16.5" choker which is handmade with larger rounded Dalmation Jasper gemstones. These unique gemstones have apparent, but irregular light to darker shades of a "pewtered grey" and noticeable black spots on each Dalmation Jasper beading. There is a very unusual pattern of pairs of Onyx gemstones in a flattender to puffed formation and opposited handcarved lightened ivory Wood Chips. Also there is transition of pairs of the lightened ivory wood chips to be embracing the Onyx gemstones. Both of these patterns are oppositioning the Dalmation Jasper gemstones, which is completing this uniquely design of gemstones and Mother Nature items. :) The choker is completed with a "gold-pewter" lobster claw clasp to compliment the color variations.

Onyx is a gemstone that helps to repel negative energies. The stone has been worn to also keep bad influences away as it is a stone which can repel such negativity. Onyx is also worn to help the healing of blood disorders and cell damage.


Various Citrine Gemstone Choker Set.

Various Citrine Gemstone Choker Set

A warm choker which is handmade with various shades of light and dark yellow faceted beads, which have wonderful silver, spreadout beaded flowers on each. It looks terrific, and with great addition, the gemstone chips of hazy citrine are in between each and every bead throughout the 16.75" choker. To complete the design, a sterling silver clasp finishes off the choker at the top. An upclose design of the beads is below.


Amethyst Gemstone with Rock Pendant Choker Set.

Purple Amethyst and Rock Pendant Gemstone Choker Set

This 16.5" deep, rich choker set is handmade with medium-large twisted deep amethyst agate gemstones. The nice thing about these is that they have exceptional shades of lilacs, lavenders, white hues that are blended throughout with the deep purple amethyst colors of them. You see the hues make different colors and shapes around inside them, and then dark amethyst round gemstones are mixed in between each of the amethyst agate twisted beads all over, looking and coordinating beautifully. :) Then in the middle is a large light purple amethyst freeform "rock" pendant that makes a gorgeous centerpiece in the choker set. All together, the various purples and mixtures all work wonderful in this choker. :) The choker is completed with a small, sterling silver toggle clasp, which has a "roped" feature across, making for easier attaching.

Amethysts are known throughout as the “Gemstone of High Spirituality and Contentment" as it is very well understand to the a wonderful and extremely powerful stone. :) Amethysts also have very high spiritual vibrations. They have strong healings and cleansing powers which enhance spiritual awareness. Amethysts are protective gemstones. Amethysts are believed they can help to open communications with guardians and angels. It has been understood that this gemstone could ease and remove pains, especially grief, and promote happiness. It has been used for beneficial feelings and smiles when dealing with legality or money issues that could create happier findings or prosperity.

Amethysts offer protection of negative environmental energies. Amethyst gemstones also creates balancing of a person's mental, emotional and physical beings. It can clear various auras, and stabilize any dysfunctional energies within the body or beings. Amethysts have been used throughout all kinds of ancient societies, such as Ancient Rome, for bringing lights of peace, calm, balances, and courages, and for crafting amethyst and light energy into feelings of warmth and love. These gemstones also are believed to arise thoughts of memory, rememberings, understandings of dreams and improving motivational needs.

Amethysts are also gemstones known for all individuals born in the month of February. This is to be a birthstone.

Set: $155

Handmade Gemstone Choker Set.

Lapis Lazuli Multiple Gemstone Choker Set with Drop

This dynamic double layered gemstone choker set is handmade with one layer outlined with small lapis lazuli gemstones, which has sparatic light colors emitting from them. Down towards the center, you will notice three tubular darker lapis lazuli gemstones which show iron oxide inside of them and shows hints of "gold specks" becoming visible through them. In between these beads, pairs of the smaller round lapis lazuli beads are apparent. A dangle drops in the middle and has one small, one medium, and a pear-shaped lapis lazuli accents as an eye-catching beauty. The inner layer shows a enhancing arch of smaller lapis lazuli gemstones to create a unique piece of choker designs in this piece. The choker is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp for the entire choker set, and the design measures as 16" inside and 16.5" on the outer layer.