Handmade bracelets beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Gemstone Jewelry : Bracelets

Crafters of colorful, handmade gemstone jewelry including gemstone bracelets and anklets. We use only the finest stones, and keep our eyes open for unusual gems for our handmade gemstone jewelry. Gemstones are believed to have healing and calming properties, which makes them popular and well-sought after jewelry accessories.

Requests for custom made jewelry designs are more than welcome.

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handcrafted gemstone bracelet

Smoky Quartz Glass with Jade Gemstone Bracelet

This beaded bracelet, measuring 8" in length, is handmade with exquisite jade gemstones which are handcarved into delicate flowers. Helix cut smoky quartz glass beads enhance the earthy tones of the design and petite dark green freshwater pearls compliment the jade flowers. Completed with a petite roped sterling silver toggle clasp.

Jade is a gemstone that is believed to be a love-attracting stone. It is frequently given between a man and woman for an engagement or anniversary. The color of jade is also considered to be healing and is believed to be helpful for kidney, heart and stomach ailments. Ancient Mayans wore amulets of jade for protection from these disorders. Due to the color of jade, many civilizations have also worn and given jade for bringing about success and money in business transactions.


Handcrafted Gemstone Beaded Bracelet with Amber, Smoky Quartz and Gold Coral

Amber, Smoky Quartz and Gold Coral Gemstone Bracelet

This 8" bracelet is handmade with earthy colors, utilizing large, oval-shaped beads of dark amber. The amber is situated beside diagonally-cut pieces of dark, smoky quartz gemstones. For added warmth, sticks of gold coral, which has a light shine, are snuggled in between the smoky quartz. Completed with a small gold-filled lobster claw clasp.

Amber is a fossilized resin, which has been believed throughout centuries to transmute negative energies into positive energies, when the amber is placed directly on the skin. It is also believed to offer emotional healing and restore the aura with positive energies. Smoky Quartz is a gemstone which is used to help offer protection against negativity and transmute negative energies and emotions. This stone is also worn by individuals seeking to enhance the body's natural instinct to heal and is the birthstone of Capricorns. Gold Coral is derived from black coral, and was found in Celtic tombs during the Iron Age. It was also believed to offer protection against negativity and even evil spirits. Coral is harvested in environmentally-sound methods, by hand, which ensures that the coral is protected so that it can continue to thrive and beautify our oceans, and be able to be utilized in exquisite jewelry, as has been done for many centuries.


Jade Gemstone Bracelet.

Hot Pink Jade Bracelet

A warm 9" bracelet beaded with hot-pink jade gemstone briolettes. Silver "mirror" glass beads allow this bracelet to shine. Completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.


Hematite Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

Hematite Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

Hematite, the gemstone used in designing this bracelet, is a principal blood purifier among stone healers. It has a black silvery finish and is a beautiful color. Sterling silver beads are placed between the oval gemstones in the center of the 7.5" bracelet.


Double Swarovski and Aquamarine Gemstone Bracelet

Double Swarovski and Aquamarine Gemstone Bracelet

A double stranded 8" bracelet design which is handmade with soothing oval cut aquamarine gemstones. For a sparkling variety of shine, large clear/aurora borealis Swarovski crystals are alternated with smaller dark emerald Swarovski crystals. This design is afixed to a large silver lobster claw clasp and hangs beautifully on the wristline.

Aquamarine is a beautiful light aqua stone of courage. It is believed to contain calming energies, helping individuals reduce stress and relax and quiet their minds. The gemstone can offer wonderful support to those who feel overwhelmed by responsibility and numerous tasks. Aquamarine is believed to be protective during pregnancy, and has made beautiful gifts for expectant mothers. Aquamarine gemstones have been used by spiritual healers to help heal sore throats, swollen lymph glands and thyroid problems. Allergies and hayfever have been alleviated by aquamarine and is thought to boost the immune system.


Handmade Gemstone Bracelet

Chalcedony and Smoky Quartz Gemstone Bracelet

This soothing bracelet, measuring just slightly over 8" in length, is handcrafted with freeform nuggets of opaque chalcedony gemstones. Decorative Bali sterling silver accents adorn the chalcedony nuggets. Diagonal smoky quartz gemstones are snuggled in between pairs of soft, ivory frehswater pearls. The bracelet is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

Chalcedony is a gemstone which is worn to absorb negative energy. The stone brings the mind, body and spirit into harmony and helps to alleviate hostility. Chalcedony heals the eyes and circulatory system, increases physical energy and assimilation of minerals, and helps lessen the effects of dementia and other mental afflictions.

Smoky Quartz is a grounding gemstone which helps neutralize negative vibrations. It dispels fear, eradicates depression, relieves stress and anxiety. Smoky Quartz is detoxifying and can help the body assimilate minerals. It is beneficial for the hips, legs and back pain. Smoky Quartz has also been worn to help strengthen muscles, tissues and the heart.


Gemstone Bracelet with Tiger's Eye and Obsidian.

Tiger's Eye and Obsidian Bracelet

8.5" gemstone bracelet handcrafted with obsidian and tiger's eye gemstones. The protective and grounding gemstone bracelet is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.


Goldstone Gemstone Bracelet

Goldstone Gemstone Bracelet

Using two larger goldstone beads as the focal point and finished using 8mm beads. Bali spacers along with a rose pewter toggle clasp completes this design. Measures 7.5"


Gemstone Bracelet.

Rhodochrosite Gemstone Bracelet

This lovely 7.75" bracelet is handcrafted entirely with dark pink rhodocrosite gemstones. Round and pear-shaped pieces contain hues of black and give this bracelet a nice color variation. The bracelet is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Rhodocrosite is a gemstone that is soothing to the emotions of the body, allowing it to de-stress. This gemstone, due to its pink coloring, has also been worn to draw love to the wearer.


Gemstone Bracelet.

Tiger's Eye and Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet

A 7.5" bracelet entailing tiger's eye and amazonite gemstones. Shiny sterling silver accents the stones, which are accented with tiger's eye chips. Completed with a gray moonstone clasp, set in sterling silver.