Handmade Swarovski Choker sets beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry :: Choker Sets

Nothing sparkles like Swarovski crystal jewelry including our crystal choker sets. The Swarovski Company produces beautiful, high-quality crystal beads and pendants, which we utilize in our handmade beaded jewelry designs. We use a variety of sparkling Swarovski crystals, and constantly search for unique colors and styles by Swarovski.

The creator of beautiful Swarovski crystals, Daniel Swarovski, was born in 1862 in Bohemia. He invented an automatic glass faceting machine, which led to a breakthrough, resulting in a fine product, displaying exceptional beauty, quality and sparkle. These qualities are easily noticeable in the Swarovski crystals, and these spectacular crystals make sparkling and fabulous accessories to any wardrobe. Swarovski crystals make lovely gifts, and are also worn by famous celebrities at high-profile events such as the Emmys, Oscars and Grammys.

These Swarovski crystal chokers are sold with matching earrings as a set, for a complete accessory.

We also have a collection of handmade bridal choker sets which are designed with a variety of shapes and styles of sparkling Swarovski crystals. If you would like a bridal choker set custom made for your wedding, please feel free to contact us with your Bridal Jewelry Inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Please click on the thumbnails for a larger image. If you would like the item but in a different size, please let us know and we can alter it for you.

Swarovski Choker Set

Swarovski Choker Set with Jet and Clear Crystals

This is 2 chokers in one. You can either wear it as a 16" choker, or the 5.5" drop can be taken off the sterling silver clasp for a totally different look.

Swarovski's newest crystal are used in this beautiful creation. When placed together, they resemble a cross or a small flower. After every cluster, in an alternating fashion, is a single or jet double Swarovski crystal.


Handmade Swarovski Choker Set with Topaz.

Quartz and Topaz Crystal Choker Set

Plenty of sparkle in this 16.5" choker, handcrafted with light and dark topaz Swarovski Austrian crystals. The design flows towards three large oval rutilated quartz gemstones. Completed with a 14K gold-plated clasp.


Swarovski Crystal AB Polygon Choker Set

Swarovski Crystal AB Polygon Choker Set

This elegant handmade 16.5" choker is crafted entirely with sparkling Swarovski Austrian crystals. Colorful aurora borealis finishes add to the brilliance of the polygon and petite diamond-shaped crystals, and the choker's design is finalized with a quality Bali silver toggle clasp.


Swarovski Crystal Choker Set

Dazzle and Shine Swarovski Crystal Choker Set

This is a spectacular elegant accessory as it only entails a 16.5" choker which is beautiful Swarovski crystals all around the neckline. There are only two sizes of clear crystals of Swarovski that only display petite and medium sized shining. Aurora Borealis is very apparent in some of these Swarovski crystals and making clear beauty only on our wearer. :) This handmade choker is completed with a sterling silver lobster clasp.


Crystal Choker Set 105

Multicolored Freshwater Pearl & AB Choker Set

This beautifully designed 16" choker consists of dazzling round faceted Swarovski crystals with an Aurora Borealis finish. In between these stunning crystals are various freshwater pearls accented with sterling silver beads.


Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Choker Set

Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Choker Set

A glitzy southwestern design encompasses round turquoise Swarovski Austrian crystals, joined by liquid silver. The 16.5" choker is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.


Swarovski Choker Set with Aquamarine Crystals.

Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal Choker Set

16.5" choker made to capture the beauty of aquamarine. Swarovski bicone beads are in clusters of three, with and oval AB bead and sterling silver beads inbetween each set. Finished off with a flower toggle clasp.


Swarovski Choker Set

Swarovski Crystal Pendant Choker Set

A sparkling 16.5" choker with over 100 faceted Swarovski crystal pendants. A decorative sterling silver flower-shaped toggle clasp is used for closure.


Beaded Swarovski Choker Set

Malachite Green Swarovski Crystal Choker Set

Simple, yet dazzling, this choker, measuring just over 17" in length, handmade with a sparkling new arrangement of malachite green Swarovski crystals. Accompanied with dainty matching earrings afixed to sterling silver French ball earwires, this design would accessorize a wardrobe in teals, turquoises, blue-greens, and mints. The choker is completed with a silver lobster claw clasp.


Onyx and Black Diamond Crystal Choker Set

Onyx and Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal Choker Set

This handmade 17" choker is beaded with beautiful dark rounds of onyx gemstones. Embedded with the onyx stones are sparkling black diamond Swarovski Austrian crystals, which give a very nice contrast to the darkness of the onyx stones. The choker is completed with a sterling silver clasp.

Matching 1.5" earrings, on sterling silver French earwires, are designed with pairs of the black diamond Swarovski crystals and onyx gemstones.


Crystal Choker Set.

Marbled Onyx and Swarovski Crystal Choker Set

Dark elegance flows throughout this choker, measuring 17" in length. Each marbled onyx gemstone has its own unique design and array of colors, which is accentuated with black diamond Swarovski crystals in between each gemstone. An eye-catching geode pendant, containing sparkles of tiny crystals, blends with the choker, which is completed with a jet black Swarovski jeweled toggle clasp.

Having a wedding ? Then contact us and we can produce you something unique. We do a lot of custom wedding jewelry, so we know we can help.


Handmade Swarovski Beaded Crystal Choker Set with Saltwater Pearls

Saltwater Pearl and Silver Shade Crystal Choker Set

A very elegant 16.75" choker handcrafted with soft, round saltwater pearls which are beautifully accentuated with large clear Swarovski crystal roundelles and slightly smaller "silver shade" Swarovski crystal roundelles. Glorious shine and brilliance illuminate from this choker which is completed with a silver toggle clasp for ease of attachment and removal.


Swarovski AB Crystal Pendant Choker Set

{Sold} Swarovski AB Crystal Pendant Choker Set

16.5" choker using Sparkling Swarovski crystal pendants with an Aurora Borealis finish. A sterling silver flower-shaped toggle clasp finishes the design.


Crystal Choker Set 114

Turquoise and Emerald Swarovski Choker Set

This lovely 16.75" choker is handmade with tubular cuts of green turquoise beads. Light erinite, smoke, and dark emerald green Swarovski crystals add beautiful sparkle to this choker. Swarovski aurora borealis accents join the emerald Swarovski crystals and beautify the neckline.


Crystal Choker Set.

Deep Brown Swarovski Crystal Choker Set with Agate Pendant

A blend of dark-brown, crystal clear, and black Swarovski Austrian crystals are combined together in this 16.75" choker. The continuous layout of sparkling Swarovski crystals gather around a large round agate gemstone pendant. Lovely colors of milky white, reddish-brown, light-brown and black are seen in the pendant. The choker is completed with a sterling silver clasp.


Handmade Beaded Swarovski Choker Set.

Aqua and Navy Swarovski Crystal Choker Set

A 16.5" choker handmade with clusters of small light aqua and larger clear helix glass beads, beautifully handcrafted in the Czech Republic, and elegant navy blue Swarovski cube crystals shining elegantly as lovely color variation. Completed with a bright silver flowered toggle clasp.


Handmade Beaded Swarovski Crystal Choker Set.

Gold Coral and Lime Crystal Choker Set with Jade Gemstone

A 16" choker handcrafted with bright lime Swarovski crystals and pairs of beautiful gold coral branches imbedded between each of the lime crystals. A large, flat jade gemstone pendant dangles in the center of the choker, and shows subtle hues of light earth-tones, with a single lime Swarovski crystal hanging below the jade. A 1.5" decorative sterling silver extender is attached at the end, opposite the silver lobster claw clasp, allowing for the choker to be re-sized slightly larger.