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Swarovski Crystal Jewelry: Anklets

Nothing sparkles like Swarovski crystal jewelry including our crystal anklets. The Swarovski Company produces beautiful, high-quality crystal beads and pendants, which we utilize in our handmade beaded jewelry designs. We use a variety of sparkling Swarovski crystals, and constantly search for unique colors and styles by Swarovski.

The creator of beautiful Swarovski crystals, Daniel Swarovski, was born in 1862 in Bohemia. He invented an automatic glass faceting machine, which led to a breakthrough, resulting in a fine product, displaying exceptional beauty, quality and sparkle. These qualities are easily noticeable in the Swarovski crystals, and these spectacular crystals make sparkling and fabulous accessories to any wardrobe. Swarovski crystals make lovely gifts, and are also worn by famous celebrities at high-profile events such as the Emmys, Oscars and Grammys.

Swarovski Crystal Anklets

Please click on the thumbnails for a larger image. If you prefer an anklet in a different length, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Handmade Swarovski Crystal Anklet

Iced Tubular and Swarovski Crystal Anklet

This dainty 10" anklet is handmade with petite and medium clear Swarovski crystals. In an alternating pattern, the crystals sparkle with "iced" glass tube beads and give the anklet a flowing effect. Small Swarovski crystals dangle down the ankle, near the sterling silver clasp.


Handmade Swarovski Crystal Anklet

Swarovski Aurora Borealis Crystallized Anklet

This 9.5" sparkling anklet is handmade with a lovely array of delicate, but miniature shining Swarovski clear crystals. The additional glimmer goes along with this as each of the tiny clear Swarovski crystals have spectacular hues of multiple colors of aurora borealis with them catching the lights with their eye-catching hues of all of these Swarovski crystals. Each Swarovski crystal abinds to each other in a perfect row of beauty, while the crystal anklet is completed with a nice, sterling silver lobster claw clasp at the end.


Handmade Swarovski Crystal Anklet

Sparkling Silver Swarovski Crystal Anklet

This elegant 9.5" anklet is handmade with large, shining silver Swarovski crystals. The crystals are alternated in a pattern with Czech glass bugle beads and pairs of petite charcoal-colored freshwater pearls. Completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp. An eye-catching accessory for both day and evening.


Handmade Swarovski Crystal Anklet

Lime Green Swarovski Crystal Anklet

This handmade beaded anklet, measuring just shy of 10" in complete length, sparkles with twisted lime green Swarovski crystals. The crystals are alternated in between dark green "tube" glass beads which are crafted with quality in the Czech Republic. A petite sterling silver lobster claw clasp finishes the crystal anklet.


Handmade Swarovski Crystal Anklet

Sterling Silver with Multi Swarovski Crystal Anklet

This lightweight 10" anklet is handmade with delicate sterling silver chain, which connects a colorful assortment of Swarovski crystals. Shades of garnet, peridot, amethyst, citrine, and sky blue topaz create versatility, which is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.


Handmade Swarovski Crystal Anklet

Light and Dark Topaz Swarovski Crystal Anklet

This 11.25" anklet is handcrafted in an alternating pattern of sparkling Swarovski crystals. Medium and large light topaz Swarovski crystals are combined with petite dark topaz Swarovski crystals. Light topaz glass bugle beads give an elegant flow through the anklet. An eye-catching light topaz Swarovski crystal briolette dangles beautifully off the side. Completed with a gold-filled lobster claw clasp.


Handmade Swarovski Crystal Anklet

Padparadsche Swarovski Crystal Anklet

Warm medium and large padparadsche Swarovski crystals outline the ankle in glamour in this 10.75" design. Glass fuchsia beads bring a soft contrast with the bright orange-pink coloring. Pairs of sparkling aurora borealis Swarovski accents enhance the creation with its dazzling color. Completed with a gold-filled lobster claw clasp.


Handmade Swarovski Crystal Anklet

Baby Pearls and Swarovski Crystal Anklet

Fabulous medium and large clear Swarovski crystals are designed in triplicate with petite ivory freshwater pearls. Metallic silver glass tubes beads, from the Czech Republic, flow through the design, which is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp. A petite pearl and Swarovski crystal charm dangles delicately in this handcrafted 10" anklet.