Handmade necklaces and necklace sets beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Beaded Necklace Sets
Handmade in Houston, Texas

We use a variety of hand-blown, Murano, Picasso, Tibetan, Czech Republic, and other quality-made glass beads to make our handmade jewelry truly unique and eye-catching. We also incorporate various forms of tree amber, in addition to quality glass, into our beaded necklaces and necklace sets.

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Freshwater Pearl and Chocolate Swirled Beaded Necklace Set

Freshwater Pearl and Chocolate Swirled Beaded Necklace Set

This 17" handmade necklace is designed with oval-shaped chocolate brown glass beads, which have centers of light taupe, white and sand colors in a swirled pattern. Pairs of petite ivory freshwater pearls are snuggled on opposite sides of sparkling smoky quartz glass beads, and the necklace is completed with a gold-plated lobster claw clasp.

Set: $79 On Sale! $63

Handcrafted Beaded Necklace Set

Sponge Coral Beaded Necklace Set

A 20.5" necklace handmade with rectangular and "coin" shaped sponge coral beads. Bali sterling silver flower beads are situated in between the sponge coral beads, and the necklace is completed with a Bali sterling silver decorative toggle clasp.

The sponge coral we utilize in our handmade beaded designs do NOT come from wild or federally protected reefs. Our coral is sustainably harvested from farm-raised reefs in efforts to help protect wildlife and maintain the beauty of oceanic reefs.

Set: $100

Handmade Beaded Necklace Sets

Two Toned Green Beaded Necklace Set

For the lady who loves green, this 23" necklace is handcrafted with two various shades of medium and dark green faceted glass roundelle beads. Small clusters of medium green glass chips are placed in between the alternating patterns of the green roundelles with petite silver accent beads, shining beautifully down the bodice. Completed with a silver lobster claw clasp.

Set: $118

Beaded Necklace Set.

Long, Chunky Glass and Amber Chip Necklace Set

A stunning 31" long necklace with 1" faceted gold and olive green glass beads. Between each bead are three large real amber chips. The combination is absolutely beautiful! Finished off with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Set: $175 On Sale! $125

Beaded Necklace Set with Biwa Pearl and Aurora Borealis.

Biwa Pearl and Aurora Borealis Beaded Necklace Set

A handmade necklace, measuring just shy of 21" in length, which is beaded with biwa stick freshwater pearls with subtle "love ring" impressions around their surfaces, and two sizes of light gray glass beads, placed in triplicate. The glass beads give off a lovely aurora borealis sparkle which shines brilliantly around the necklace, giving elegant, yet faint colorful shades. Two different "antiqued" silver bead patterns are placed for added variety and contrast, and the necklace is completed with a silver lobster claw clasp for ease of attachment and removal.

Set: $103

Necklace Set.

Citrine Glass Necklace Set with Pendant

A 23" necklace with a vintage look of antique silver beads, sparkling citrine celestial crystal beads, and a stunning citrine crystal pendant which measures almost 2". For ease of closure a sterling silver decorative clasp is used.

Set: $125 On Sale! $79

White Agate and Clear Glass Necklace Set

White Agate and Clear Glass Necklace Set

A white agate oval necklace with chips of agate and crystal clear faceted cylindrical glass beads. This refreshing summer necklace measures 29" in length with a flattering 2.5" drop. Sterling silver accents beads flow throughout and is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Set: $150 On Sale! $99

Handmade Y Necklace Set.

Lilac and Plum Y Necklace Set

A 23.5" Y necklace with an additional 4" drop. The design consists of lilac cubed beads with ornate bell caps on either ends. Light plum crackle bicone beads in sequence of threes, adds a soft touch and to brings it all together. Irridecense lilac chips and small SS beads are placed throughout the necklace. A sterling silver flower toggle clasp for closure. The soft colors of lilac and plum compliment each other in this two-tone Y-necklace.

Set: $145 On Sale! $99

Red Coral and Shell Necklace Set

Red Coral and Shell Necklace Set

Vibrant shades of red are found in this 24" long necklace. Cylindrical cuts of red coral are placed with bronze beads, which grace the neckline down towards a full cluster of red coral nuggets. Clusters of red dyed shell pieces dangle in between and enhance the bronze beads. A large, red coral nugget completes the piece.

Set: $124

Handmade Necklace Set

Emerald Green Glass Beaded Necklace Set

Beautiful deep emerald green glass twisted beads are blended with pairs of matching pendant beads, that are adorned with aurora borealis. Sparkling Swarovski accents, with more aurora borealis, dazzle this 17" beaded "Y" necklace.

$119 On Sale! $79

Handmade Beaded Necklace Set.

Turquoise, Porcelain and Pearl Beaded Necklace Set with Crustacean

This 18" beaded necklace is handmade with round, dark brown porcelain beads which house soft gold freshwater pearls and are joined with small clusters of turquoise chips. Oval turquoise beads also are blended into the necklace which displays a combination of hues of brown, gold, cream, and black, and a unique 2" crustacean pendant dangles in the center. Completed with a gold-plated lobster claw clasp.

Set: $100

Necklace Set .

Red Glass Y Beaded Necklace Set

This deep, rich handmade 32" long necklace is intricately crafted with 14mm red glass round, bicone, and oblong beads. Gold-plated round filigree beads enable this necklace to demonstrate strong feminine appeal. A 2" dangle allows for a flattering effect down the front.

Set: $125 On Sale! $89

Handmade Beaded Necklace Set

Wavy Turquoise Beaded Necklace Set

This cooling 18" look is handcrafted with wavy-cut turquoise glass beads, and encompass pairs of sandy-colored glass briolettes, which contain small, dark brown spots inside. Marquis-shaped gold-colored beads, with ornate designs, work to give the necklace a nice vintage, yet contemporary style. All the glass beads utilized in this design were handmade in the Czech Republic, and the necklace is completed with a small, gold-filled lobster claw clasp.

Set: $88

Handmade Beaded Necklace Set

Cobalt Blue Faced and Turquoise Teal Beaded Necklace Set

This soothing 20" necklace is beaded with fabulous cobalt blue "faces". Each of these "faces" are handpainted with gold-colors in which makes the "faces" appear tribal in form. Their triangular shapes draw attention as they are placed in between a configuration of medium-sizes oval glass beads which are made in a light turquoise and teal color blending. The beads have handpainted golding swirl markings wrapping around the mid-section. Additionally, small turquoise and teal colored "Picasso" beads have slight markings of earth-browns going across their make and are joined with cobalt blue "bugle" beads to join them. The necklace is completed with a silver lobster claw clasp for security.

Set: $108