Handmade Earrings beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Beaded Earrings
Handmade in Houston, Texas

We use a variety of beads for our handmade earrings, including Czech glass, handpainted, porcelain, cathedral, Murano and many other quality handcrafted beads. Beads have been used for thousands of years in a variety of items, such as clothing, goblets, footwear, hair accessories and much more. We utilize the finest glass beads, in addition to porcelain, ceramic, coral and lava rocks in our designs in efforts to design truly unique and one-of-a-kind beadwork.


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Blue Topaz and Lava Rock Beaded Earrings.

Blue Topaz and Lava Rock Beaded Earrings

An eye-catching design, measuring at 2" in total length, are handmade with a pair of soft, light blue topaz gemstones. The gemstones are cut into lovely marquis shapes and are situated above a large, but lightweight pair of egg-shaped Hawaiian lava rock pieces. A pair of ornate sterling silver Bali accents join the earthy beads, and is completed with a pair of sterling silver French ball earwires.


Handmade Coral Drop Earrings.

Coral Drop Beaded Earrings

Lightweight 1.75" sterling silver hoop earrings handmade with cylindrical pieces of red/orange coral. A pair of coordinating faceted glass beads are accented with bali silver and give this pair of earrings a "dressed up" appearance.


Caribbean Blue Beaded Earrings.

Caribbean Blue Beaded Earrings

A handmade pair of 1.5" earrings, designed with light and dark blue glass beads. The light blue beads have a twisted style around them, and the dark blue beads are faceted-cut and give a nice shine. A petite silver bead joins the two blue beads together, and the earrings are completed with sterling silver French ball earwires.


Amethyst Color Bicone Earrings

Lava Rock and Coral Beaded Earrings

These handmade 1.5" earrings contain lovely deep red pieces of coral, which are accented with bali silver. Black porous lava rock beads add wonderful contrast to the earrings, which are attached to round sterling silver earposts.


Handmade Earrings.

Ice Drop Beaded Earrings

This pair of 1.25" earrings, afixed to gold-filled earposts, are a versatile design. Crystal-clear faceted glass beads are placed with clear glass cubes, and joined with petite 14K gold-colored corrugated accents.


Beaded Hoop Earrings

Opaline Picasso Beaded Hoop Earrings

These handmade 1.75" earrings, afixed to gold-filled hoops, are elegantly designed with Czech glass "Opaline Picasso" beads. The beads display soft shades of "watery light blue" while reflections of light brown shine through.


Black and Clear Vintage-styled Beaded Earrings.

Black and Clear Vintage-styled Beaded Earrings

These 1.75" earrings are handmade with faceted clear and black Czech glass beads. A pair of gold-colored "antiqued" beads give the earrings versatility and a vintage flair.


Emerald Green Earrings

Emerald Green Beaded Earrings

1.5" earrings on sterling silver earwire consist of two faceted emerald-green colored Czech glass crystals, separated by clear crystal seed beads.


Pink Czech Glass Earrings

Pink Czech Glass Beaded Earrings

These dainty handmade earrings, measuring just over 1" in length, are crafted with pairs of exquisite pink marbled glass beads which come directly from the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is one of the most reputable countries in jewelry making, known for their unique and high quality materials. They produce only limited numbers of their well-sought after beads. A pair of goldplated flower caps adorn the pink glass beads. The earrings are completed with goldplated French earwires.


Vibrant Red Beaded Earrings with Garnet Drops

Vibrant Red Beaded Earrings with Garnet Drops

A 1.5" pair of handmade beaded earrings designed with eye-catching red helix glass beads. The vibrant red coloring compliments garnet gemstone drops which are encased in decorative sterling silver. The earrings are afixed to sterling silver French ball earwires.


Emerald Wasabi and Porcelain Beaded Earrings

Emerald Wasabi and Porcelain Beaded Earrings

These unique earrings, measuring slightly over 1.5" in total length, are designed with pairs of two-toned coin-shaped porcelain beads. The porcelain beads contain shades of dark brown, light brown and emerald green. Bali sterling silver accents the pair of emerald green wasabi glass beads, and the earrings are afixed to sterling silver French earwires.