Handmade Chokers beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Beaded Choker Sets
Handmade in Houston, Texas

We use a variety of hand-blown, Murano, Czech Republic, and other quality-made glass beads to make our beaded necklaces truly unique and eye-catching. We can custom design a necklace or necklace set just for you.


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Handmade beaded choker set.

Blue Agate and Leaves Beaded Choker Set

This handmade 16" choker is beaded with unique blue glass rondelle and leaf beads. For added texture, blue agate gemstone pebbles blend beautifully with their contrast of coloring. The choker is completed with a 14K goldcovered clasp.


Coral and Lava Rock Beaded Choker Set

Coral and Lava Rock Beaded Choker Set

A unique blend of Mother Nature's wonders, this 16.25" handmade choker is beaded with round pieces of red coral and cylindrical pieces of Hawaiian black lava rock. The lava rock pieces have wonderfully detailed "pores" in each of them. A freeform piece of red coral compliments the design and creates a fascinating natural pendant.


Choker set handmade with green crystals

Lime Green Leaf Beaded Choker Set

Cool shades of two various sizes of lime green glass beads and sterling silver beads combine well together to enhance the lime green coloring in the hand-blown glass "leaf" pendant. A silver hook clasp is used for closure. Measures 16.5"


Choker set in pastel colors

Padparadscha Pearls And Peach Glass Choker Set

A 16" choker designed using soft peach glass beads, peach opaque oval beads, and clear peach tube beads. Soft padparadscha freshwater pearls completes this design. A silver lobster claw clasp is used for closure.


Light Gold and Black Faceted Beaded Choker Set

Light Gold and Black Faceted Beaded Choker Set

This 16.25" sophisticated design encompasses a mixture of light gold (champagne) glass and black faceted glass beads. Goldplated flower accents adorn the black glass beads while petite oval champagne-color glass beads enhance the light coloring. The choker is completed with a goldplated lobster claw clasp.


Beaded Choker Set

Amber and Lava Rock Beaded Choker Set

This earthy 16" choker is handmade with cylindrical pieces of porous, black Hawaiian lava rock. Embedded between the lava rock are pieces of dark amber. Large cubed pieces of the dark amber create a unique drop down the front of the choker. The piece is completed with a decorative silver toggle clasp.


Choker set.

Porcelain Turquoise and Smoky Lentil Choker Set

16.25" Y choker contains smoky-blue swirled lentil glass beads and porcelain turquoise beads. Chips of smoky quartz glass tie in the earthy colors, which has character with the large, wavy aurora borealis paua shell pendant. The choker is completed with a sterling silver clasp.


Handmade Beaded Picasso Choker set.

Gold Pearl with Turquoise Picasso Beaded Choker Set

This soothing 16.75" choker designed is handcrafted with rectangular beads, with shades of light and medium turquoises and soft browns. These beads, known as "Picasso", are beautifully crafted, individually by hand in the Czech Republic. Gold and soft blue freshwater pearls are blended in an alternating pattern throughout the choker, while a freeform turquoise pendant creates an eye-catching centerpiece.


Cinnabar and Bronze Beaded Choker Set.

Cinnabar and Bronze Beaded Choker Set

This choker is handmade with light sandy colored cinnabar beads, which have exquisite handcarved flowered designs on both sides of their surfaces. Pairs of shiny bronze faceted beads reflect on opposite sides of citrine gemstone clusters between the bronze beads, creating a nice shine. The choker is completed with a gold-plated lobster claw clasp and measures approximately 17.5" in length.


Celestial Crystal and Lava Rock Beaded Choker Set

Celestial Crystal and Lava Rock Beaded Choker Set

This 18" handmade choker set is crafted with round and elongated Hawaiian lava rock beads, with beautiful clear celestial crystals opposite. Cylindrical styled Tibetan agate gemstones are blended into the choker along with irregular cut "jigsaw wood" pieces which bring a nice variety of earth tones into the choker, and is completed with a sterling silver clasp.