Handmade bracelets beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Beaded Bracelets
Handcrafted in Houston, Texas

We use a variety of materials for our handmade beaded bracelets, including Czech and Murano glass, porcelain, celestial crystal, and many other unique materials. These fine beads allow us to design fabulous creations which are versatile, yet unique.


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Red Teardrop Beaded Bracelet with Pearls

Red Teardrop Beaded Bracelet with Pearls

This bracelet is 8" and the red faceted teardrop beads are the color of a red candy apple. The contrasting color of white glass pearls makes this really an eye-catching piece! Completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.


Handmade Bracelet.

Carnelian and Czech Glass Beaded Bracelet

This 8.5" bracelet is handmade with elongated beads from the Czech Republic that reflect shades of faint peach to clear. A band of gold shimmer encompasses the beads which has tiny handpainted flecks of dark brown-orange. Small round pieces of carnelian gemstones are embedded between the elongated beads.


Amethyst Glass Beaded Anklet

Amethyst Glass Beaded Anklet

Deep purple glass beads are separated by petite silver beads. A silver toggle clasp, with a small flower decoration is imprinted on the clasp. The toggle clasp makes the anklet able to be attached easily. The total length of the anklet measures at approximately 11".


Handmade Bracelet.

Triple Layered Coral Bracelet

8.25" bracelet containing multiple layers of elongated red/orange coral. Slightly lighter color variations are seen within the coral. Completed with a sterling silver clasp.


Handmade Olivine Jade and Porcelain Beaded Bracelet by Houston Crafts Jewelry Designers

Olivine Jade and Porcelain Beaded Bracelet

An 8" handmade bracelet designed with unique and assorted oval porcelain beads, with shades of dark green, browns, and ivory, beautifully crafted by hand in the Czech Republic. Olivine jade gemstones are snuggled in between pairs of sparkling Swarovski peridot crystals, adding lovely shine. Ornate antique gold plated accents are blended to give a vintage flair to the design, which is completed with a gold-filled clasp.


Handcrafted Beaded Bracelets

Sponge Coral Beaded Bracelet

An 8.5" handmade bracelet designed with red, coin-shaped sponge coral beads. Bali sterling silver flower beads, along with smooth, round sterling silver beads, add nice shine to the bracelet, which is completed with a decorative Bali sterling silver toggle clasp.


Handmade Bracelets

Clear Glass with Aurora Borealis Beaded Bracelet

This handmade 8" bracelet is composed of large hexagon shaped clear glass beads and petite clear glass rondelles. All the beads have reflective aurora borealis finishes and allow this bracelet to be a versatile accessory. The bracelet is completed with a Bali silver toggle clasp.


Handmade Beaded Bracelet

Triple Soft Pink Celestial Crystal Beaded Bracelet

This handmade 8" bracelet is elegantly beaded with three rows of sparkling soft pink round celestial crystals. The crystals shine brilliantly around the wristline and dazzle with a feminine warmth and elegance. The bracelet is completed with a silver flowered toggle clasp. A glittering accessory.

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Green Flowered Beaded Bracelet.

Green Flowered Beaded Bracelet

This handmade beaded bracelet, measuring just shy of 8" in length, is crafted with lovely soft jade gemstone "flowers". The "flowers" are handcarved and are blended with brighter green glass chips, which give a nice contrast. The bracelet is completed with a gold-plated roped toggle clasp.


Beaded Bracelet.

Gray Pearl with Clear Glass Beaded Bracelet

This handmade 8.5" bracelet is designed with lovely round marquis faceted clear glass beads, which are joined with silver beads that are given "antiqued" styles. Pairs of soft gray freshwater pearls are snuggled in between the glass beads, and the bracelet is completed with a sterling silver clasp.