Handmade Earrings beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Gemstone Jewelry : Earrings

We use a variety of stones for our handmade gemstone beaded earrings. Gemstones come in a wonderful array of colors and many people believe that gemstones have cleansing and theraputic properties. Many ancient civilizations gave gemstones in rough forms or designed in jewelry as gifts and as a way to show their loyalty to kings and queens, as wedding gifts, to protect women during childbirth and to welcome the new infants. If you wish for us to custom design you a pair using your birthstone, or any other type of gemstone, then please feel free to contact us. [details in page footer]

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Gemstone Earrings with Aquamarine and Botswana Agate.

Aquamarine and Botswana Agate Earrings

2.5" earrings on sterling silver French earwires, are composed of pairs of peaceful aquamarine gemstones and botswana agate slices. Sterling silver accents the aquamarine stones and they all work together to make this an accessory with peaceful and healing properties.


Gemstone Earrings 402

Crystal and White Topaz Earrings

1.75" earrings designed with soft-white topaz gemstones from Egypt. Each stone has subtle variations of white within them. A pair of clear Swarovski Austrian crystals add shimmer to the pair, that have 14K gold-plated accents joining them. The earrings are afixed to 14K gold-plated French ball earwires.


Gemstone Earrings 403

Pink Pearl and Ornate Rose Quartz Gemstone Earrings

These lovely 1.75" earrings were beaded with a rectangular "twisted" cut of soft rose quartz gemstones, sitting atop an ornate sterling silver cap. A pair of petite soft freshwater pink pearls compliment the softness of the coloring and is afixed to sterling silver French earwires.


prehnite and onyx gemstone earrings.

Prehnite and Onyx Gemstone Earrings

Lovely 1.5" handmade earrings are crafted with a pair of rectangular dark green and black prehnite gemstones. Sparkling Swarovski crystal accents a pair of dark onyx gemstones. The design is completed with sterling silver French ball earwwires.


Handmade Goldstone Earrings

Flowered Goldstone Earrings

These 1.5" earrings are designed with a pair of goldstones. The goldstones contain flecks of "gold", which is a result of iron oxide deposits in the stones. The goldstones are afixed to goldplated flowers, and completed with 14K goldplated French earwires.


Gemstone Earrngs with Prehinite

Swarovski and Prehinite Gemstone Earrings

This pair of earrings are just shy of 1.5" in length, and are beaded with rectangular cuts of prehinite gemstones. The stones have a lovely light coloring and are accentuated with small pairs of sparkling erinite Swarovski crystals, and tiny roped sterling silver beads add to the cooling effects of the colors. Completed with a pair of sterling silver French ball earwires.

Prehnite was discovered in Africa in 1774. The beautiful green gemstone is found in igneous rock, metamorphic rock, and also basaltic volcanic rock. This gemstone has been worn to aid in the healing of anemia, gout, and kidney disorders, and is also believed to aid in positive dreaming. Prehnite is utilized by healers to assist in the removal of bodily toxins, to stimulate the body's metabolism, and to bring regeneration.


Gemstone Earrings.

Sparkling Goldstone Earrings

1.75" earrings with a lovely blend of bright goldstones, afixed to 14K gold-plated French ball earwires. Sparkling oval accents, which display illuminating clear Swarovski crystals draw attention to this sparkling design.


Gemstone Earrings with White Topaz.

White Topaz Earrings

1.5" pair of earrings beaded with white topaz gemstones. A pair of light sandy glass pearls are placed in silver flower caps and accented with smooth sterling silver beads. The design is completed with sterling silver French earwire.


Gemstone Earrings with Strwaberry and Cherry Quartz.

Strawberry and Cherry Quartz Dangle Gemstone Earrings

These 3.25" unique gemstone earrings are handmade on very large, but decorated pewter and bronze earwires. These earwires are hung on simple 14K gold-plated French ball earwires. You will notice that there are tiny and simple round cherry quartz gemstones that dangle above large and heavily hung strawberry quartz gemstones. They make amazing statements by dangling on the earrings as these gemstones are unique.


Gemstone Earrings with Amethyst and Purple Agate of vintage styles.

Vintage-style Amethyst and Purple Agate Gemstone Earrings

These 3" elegant and handmade earrings are of nice purples, yet display lovely "vintage-styles" in the center with Czech Republic glass beads which eminate darker purple and faceted shades for differentation. "Vintage-styled" leaves and markings give this nice pair a uniqueness. Medium sized and faceted Czech Republic glass beads of dark shades hang above natural, yet lighter amethyst gemstone briolettes. These briolettes have subtle white twists that are dainty , but of natural elegance in these gemstones. Directly above the "vintage-style" centers are single and soft lighted purple agate gemstones in their rounded forms. Also, light white twists may be visible in these purple agate gemstones to comprehend the ones in the amethyst gemstones. The earrings are attached to sterling silver French ball earwires. You may notice slight curvature in this design of earrings as to the forms, and display the take in this lovely, yet rare accessory for ladies. :)

Amethysts are gemstones affiliated for individuals born in the month of February, as their birthstones.