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Gemstone Jewelry : Choker Sets

We use a variety of birthstones, precious, semi-precious, and rare stones to make our gemstone necklaces truly unique and eye-catching. We can custom design a necklace or necklace set just for you.

Custom jewelry orders are always welcome.

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Handcrafted Gemstone Choker Set

Kyanite Collar Gemstone Choker Set

This uniquely designed 16.5" is handmade with elongated pieces of kyanite gemstones. The choker lays flat around the neckline, and is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Kyanite is a gemstone that encourages truth, loyalty and serenity. This gemstone also enhances creativity and expression, and is connected to throat health.

Set: $159 On Sale! $117

Handmade Gemstone Choker Set with Fanned Carnelian.

Fanned Carnelian Choker Set

Faceted rectangular cuts of carnelian are snuggled next to carnelian gemstone chips. Unique, handcarved cuts of carnelian "fans" create a dynamic centerpiece towards the dangle of chips and the lone carnelian fan piece. 14K gold-plated accent beads add just enough shine to the 16.25" Y choker creation, which is completed with a lead-free "antiqued" roped toggle clasp.


Pink Opal and Sunstone Gemstone Choker Set

Pink Opal and Sunstone Gemstone Choker Set

This 16.25" choker is designed with oval pink opal gemstones and natural cut sunstones. The sunstones appear to have "fire" in them. Silver flower beads and smooth sterling silver add a feminine touch to the design.


Double layered Choker Set

Double Layered Choker Set with Green Jade and Serpentine

A double layered gemstone choker, handcrafted with rectangular cuts and pear-shaped briolettes of green jade. A pair of bali silver accentuates the round cut of serpentine, which hangs above a green jade briolette and sterling silver accent bead. The inner layer measures just under 16.75" and the outer layer measures 18.5". Completed with a bali silver toggle clasp.


Handmade Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Necklace Set

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Choker Set

Beautiful coin-shaped beads of lapis lazuli gemstones are blended with petite lapis lazuli stones. Lapis lazuli contains natural flecks of golden pyrite. The simple elegance of this 16.5" choker is completed with a sterling silver clasp.

Lapis Lazuli is an uplifting, spiritual stone. The deep blue coloring relects its peaceful vibrations and stimulates gentleness. It has been worn to enhance psychic awareness and allows strong intuition. The stone is also considered to be induce courage. Lapis Lazuli is a very healing and soothing gemstone.


Bright Red Moon Coral Gemstone Choker Set

Bright Red Moon Coral Gemstone Choker Set

A 19" coral gemstone choker set which has wonderful bright red coral with a variety of shapes. :) Which is nice is that you will notice this piece to have a medium sized deep red coral pendant with subtle cracks of black, off of this 'freeform' shape. There are also two hexagon-sized coral accents on either sizes. with 'off-and-on' hues of small to medium red & dark peach-red round coral pieces. :) Also are puffed oval accents of dark red and hues of variousness which lead straight up to free-styled coral branches on both sides of the choker. This eventually leads up to a sterling silver lobster claw clasp/ This piece is wonderfully unique and deep in its colorness of bright "moon" reds of underwater corals. :)

Corals are very healing and are rare growths in the water. :) It is a unique gemstone. Coral is used togive easeness of lungs and digestive difficulties. It also gives comfortable circulation of the blood systems and to the working heart. It even gives safeness to children and adults, and true-giver coral works hard to heal deficiencies, nerve disorders, depression, and lethargy. :)


Choker Set with hand-carved Carnelian Dolphin.

Dolphin Carnelian Gemstone Choker Set

This wonderfully vibrant design is composed of chips and large nuggets of carnelian gemstones, joined by "vintage-styled" beads. Pieces of sponge coral enhance the fire in the 18" design while two clusters of ivory shells help to cool the colors. A carnelian hand-carved dolphin playfully hangs in the center.


Jade Gemstone Choker Set

Candy Jade Gemstone Choker Set

A 16" choker handmade with oval faceted candy jade gemstones. These uplifting colors come in hot pink and emerald green, with flecks of white in some of the beads. Two bicone crystal beads are carefully beaded between each gemstone. Finished off with a small lobster claw clasp.