Handmade Earrings beaded with loving care handcrafted in Houston Texas by two custom jewelry designers.

Ear Threads : Thread Earrings

Ear threads. The most comfortable earrings you will ever wear. You can even sleep with them on! Ear threads are also known as Threaders, String, or Thread Earrings. To wear ear threads, your ears must be pierced.


Beaded Ear Threads

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Ear threads - Thread Earrings 101

Gold Vermeil and Czech Glass Ear Threads

Five Czech gold and crystal faceted beads dangle lovely from 5" gold vermeil ear threads. The beads can be changed out, allowing a variety of different styles! Gently remove as many as you want and add them back later. The chain and beads sparkle as they sway. Beautiful !!


Crystal Flower Ear Threads

{Sold} Crystal Flower Ear Threads

A 2.5" pair of ear threads made with sparkling Swarovski crystals. Note the dazzling crystal flower formation. The ear threads are sterling silver cable chain with an "U" hoop that fits nicely to keep them from sliding out. The Swarovski crystals have a dynamic aurora borealis finish for fabulous color!


Ear threads - Thread Earrings 103

{Sold} Black, Silver and Swarovski Crystal Ear Threads

A formal pair of 3" sterling silver ear threads, designed with an U-shaped center, is composed of black glass beads, clear Swarovski Austrian crystals, and accented with smooth sterling silver beads.


Ear threads - Thread Earrings 104

Ear Threads With Swarovski Crystal

These 2.5" ear threads come with a sterling silver chain and a sparkling AB Swarovski crystal. Absolutely stunning!


Ear threads - Thread Earrings 105

Black and Blue Glass Ear Threads

On a 5" sterling silver chain are 2 groups of beads. One black bicone with sterling silver beads on either end. The dangle has two light blue glass teardrop beads with a sterling silver bead placed in the center.


Ear threads - Thread Earrings 106

Amethyst Ear Threads with Sterling Silver Cable Chain

These are sterling silver cable chain reverse ear threads. Each have a loop at the top, and only the bead is shown when pulled through your ear. Its dangle is 2.5" with an amethyst gemstone, and a sterling silver bead atop and bottom.


Ear threads - Thread Earrings 107

{Sold} Swarovski Crystal Bicone Ear Threads

2.5" ear threads each with six Swarovski bicone crystals, and a sterling silver cable chain with a loop at the top.


Ear threads - Thread Earrings 108

{Sold} Pink Diagonal Ear Threads

2" sterling silver thread with two pink diagonal cubed beads. All you will see from the front are the pink cubes. Stunning and sparkling ! Ear threads are making a 70's comeback, and are the hottest fashion item this year.


Ear threads - Thread Earrings 109

{Sold} Pink Pearl and Crystal Ear Threads

Lightweight and dainty 2.5" sterling silver "U" hoop ear threads with light pink Swarovski pearls and aurora borealis crystals.


sold black and gold filagree ear threads

{Sold} Black and Gold Filagree Ear Threads

4" vermeil threader earrings with a spring ring at the end so you can change the beads and be able to wear many different types on one pair of ear threads. (coming soon a variety of changable beads). The beads are gold-plated with black Swarovski crystals embedded all around. Sitting atop and bottom are black glass bezel beads.


Ear threads - Thread Earrings

{Sold} Smoky Quartz Glass and Swarovski Platinum Pearl Ear Threads

Slightly over 2" in length, platinum Swarovski glass pearls are combined with faceted Czech smoky quartz glass beads. Sterling silver cable chain holds the beads, which are accented with small sterling silver beads and bell caps.


Ear threads - Thread Earrings 112

{Sold} Jet Black Glass with Swarovski Crystal Ear Threads

An elegant pair of ear threads designed with jet black glass beads and blended with sparkling Swarovski crystals. The U-shape in the center of the sterling silver ear thread ensures a strong hold.


Ear threads - Thread Earrings 113

{Sold} Ear Threads with Swarovski AB Cube Crystals

2.5" ear threads, each with a single Swarovski AB cube crystal and sterling silver cable chain.


Ear threads - Thread Earrings 114

{Sold} Swarovski Crystal AB Ear Threads

A 2.5" threader earrings on sterling silver cable chain, each have a round, faceted 12mm Swarovski AB crystal, with AB bicone crystals atop and bottom.


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