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Forestgreen Porcelain and Black Gemstone Necklace Set

handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

This nice looking 18" necklace is uniquely handmade with medium-sized-"forest green" porcelain round beads, with unusual air holes in the centers of all of them. Jewelry wire may be seen in between these forestgreen porcelain beads as a different style for this handmade necklace and is a neat variation. :) You will see tiny dots of black and some hues of subtle browns and very slight ivories. With these color schemes different, they seem to go well along with all outfits. :) Also are unique round with bare air holes too of beads handmade by two friends of Native Americans which made these beads out of only pure wood. These beads are all black for the design and are paired in between all bead shapes of this necklace. One more detail will show that round black fire crackled agate gemstones are alternatly varied with oval, black agate gemstones. The gemstone necklace is completed with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp and is a nice final piece for closure of this design. :)


Agate is a gemstone that is believed to strengthen creativity and intellect. In Ancient times, beads of agate were worn on the breastplates of soldiers to help make them victorious in battle. Agate has also been worn to help cleanse and balance a person's chakra energy by working to remove negative energies, and is worn to help bring good luck and protection.


handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

These 1.5" nice earrings are handmade with the matching forestgreen porcelain round circles, which have a very tiny sterling silver bead hanging in the air of the porcelain bead. Only one pair of the black fire crackled agate gemstones are situated above the forest green. The black fire gemstones have subtle haziness to give the necklace its due statement. :) The earrings are both attached to sterling silver French ball earwires in this design. :)