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Carnelian and Agate Double Layer Gemstone Necklace Set

handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

This is an eye-catching necklace design which encompasses unique beauty and originality. Soothing shades of medium and warm oranges of carnelian gemstone teardrops, lay around the outer edge of the necklace around the graceline of a lady. Small, round adjusting colors of oranges and deep reds create a small front line on the inner strand. Leading down from there are paired cuts of jaspers in smooth grays, ivories, blacks and browns, with alternating orange and deep red gemstones. On the outer strand, pairs of jaspers in their alternating shades are embedded with large round and flagstone-shaped carnelian gemstones in their warming colors. So as the flagstone gemstones may have their rock formations evident in certain lighting. Furthermore, thinly-cut sterling silver coin-shaped accents shine around the necklace in the areas they imminent in the heated colors around the neckline. All the fall colors blend beautifully together, and are completed with a large, silver lobster claw clasp for secure. Inner strand: 19.75"; Outer strand: 20" Lays comfortable around the neckline and collarbone areas. Jasper is believed to be a supreme nurturer as it helps to support and sustain the body during times of stress and encourages tranquility and wholeness. Carnelian is believed as a healing stone, and for it to be used to help cure diseases of the blood, as well as to stop nose bleeds. It is said to aid in the elimination of toxins and waste products from the body, and has been used in the form of an elixir, to help heal cuts and abrasions more quickly. Helps fight negativity and depression, enabling us to look at the brighter side of life, bringing with it a feeling of optimism. Carnelian is believed to help quell feelings of anger and annoyance, allowing for logical and clear thinking to rule our actions, plus to be a grounding stone and to relieve stress-related problems and situations.

Necklace in detail

handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas


handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas