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Garnet and Pink Opal Gemstone Necklace Set

handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

This heavy-weighted 18" necklace is handmade with nuggets of deep garnet gemstones and soft, coin-shaped pink opal gemstones. Petite goldplated accents warm the contrasting colors, which is completed with a lobster claw clasp. Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January, and was worn by Roman soldiers during battle for protection. Garnet inspires love and passion, and helps to overcome control anger, especially when directed to the self. Pink Opal is a gemstone known for its ability to encourage up-lifting feelings, and help rid negative feelings of shame or guilt. Pink Opals help bring love and light back into one's life and facilitate sweetness.


handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

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