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Fuchsia Quartz and Onyx Gemstone Necklace Set with Amethyst Pendant

handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

A 19.75" necklace which is handmade with elongated onyx gemstones with varied fuchsia(dark pink) quartz embeddings. These gemstones display a lovely uniqueness in the necklace, which also has a large and light freeform lavender amethyst gemstone pendant as the base. Shining, light to mediuim pink glass beads sparkle throughout the fuchsia quartz and onyx briolette gemstones all over. Pairs of black wood chips surround the light pink glass beads all over the necklace. The gemstone necklace is completed with a decorative sterling silver heart toggle clasp.

Black Onyx is a gemstone that helps to repel negative energies throughout the body. The stone has been worn to also keep bad influences away as it is a stone which can repel such negativity. Onyx is also worn in many societies to help and aid the healing of blood disorders and cell damage.

Detail of Gemstones

handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

Improvisation of necklace amethyst pendant, elongated onyx gemstone beads and wood chip pieces all over the necklace for your viewing.

Earrings (upclose of onyx)

handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

Upclose image of handmade earrings that are assembled from fuchsia quartz and onyx gemstone beads with light pink glass bead accents. The earrings are afixed to sterling silver French ball earwires for security.