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Fire Agate and Branch Coral Gemstone Necklace

handmade gemstone necklaces handmade in Houston Texas

A 24" beaded necklace which is designed with exquisite large, flat oval fire agate gemstones. These exquisite gemstones display natural, yet glamourous "swirled designs" on their surfaces. Shades including browns, taupes, whites, maroons and sands create these lovely designs. "Antiqued" and ornate gold plated beads bring warming accents the necklace. Diamond-shaped agate gemstones, with soft hazy caramel colors, lay gracefully around the necklace while natural red branch coral "sticks" extend outward.

Fire Agate gemstones are believed to have a deep calming energy that help to bring security and safety. It is thought to serve as a protection stone with strong grounding powers. Ancient healers have used fire agate gemstones to aid in the healing of the nervous and endocrine systems, stomach and to help reduce hot flashes.

Coral is referred to as the "Garden Of The Sea", with red being the most sought after color shade. Coral is believed by healers to offer protection from skin disease or disorders when worn as a necklace. This beautiful material symbolizes the strength and beauty of life and blood force, and is also believed to help eliminate depression, fatigue or nutritional defencies. We do not utilize wild coral in our jewelry designs. Only farm-raised sources in efforts to help preserve the wild coral environments for ocean life.

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