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Gemstone Handmade Earrings 305

Garnet and Smoky Quartz Gemstone Earrings

Handmade earrings

These beautiful 1" earrings are handmade with deep, rich garnet gemstones, which are placed above larger faceted smoky quartz gemstones. The earrings are afixed to gold-filled earposts and completed with clear rubber backs, which allow for a secure hold when worn. Garnet is a gemstone that has been worn to relieve depression and give self-esteem. It is also an appropriate gift as it is believed it strengthens relationships. Garnet represents purity and truth and is a symbol of love and compassion. Smoky Quartz is a protective stone which is worn to clean away negative energies and to relieve depression. It helps to remove emotional blockages and due to its gentle peaceful and grounding associations, is a wonderful stone for relationships.