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Black Onyx and Olivine Jade Gemstone Earrings

Handmade earrings

This handmade pair of 1.75" earrings is beaded with pairs of black faceted onyx gemstones and oval-shaped olivine jade gemstones. The pairs are joined with gold-plated "antiqued" beads, to give the design an elegant appearance. Completed with 14K gold-plated French ball earwires. Black Onyx is a gemstone that due to its dark coloring, is believed to block negativity. It has been worn to help heal sadness and grief, and to help deflect negativity back to its source and away from the wearer. People who believe in the healing properties of onyx have worn it to aid the body in overcoming bone and blood disorders, to help correct damage to the cells and to help alleviate symptoms of epilepsy. Jade is a gemstone that has been worn to help individuals with kidney ailments, allergies and skin disorders. It is believed by many cultures to bestow long and peaceful life, to help protect from accidents, and to be useful in helping individuals with epilepsy symptoms.