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Bright Red Moon Coral Gemstone Choker Set

gemstone handmade chokers

A 19" coral gemstone choker set which has wonderful bright red coral with a variety of shapes. :). Which is nice is that you will notice this piece to have a medium sized deep red coral pendant, with subtle cracks of black, off of this 'freeform' shape. There are also two hexagon-sized coral accents on either sizes, with 'off-and-on' hues of small to medium red & dark peach-red round coral pieces. :) Also are puffed oval accents of dark red and hues of variousness which lead straight up to free-styled coral branches on both sides of the choker. This eventually leads up to a sterling silver lobster claw clasp. This piece is wonderfully unique and deep in its colorness of bright "moon" reds of underwater corals. :)

Corals are very healing and are rare growths in the water. :) It is a unique gemstone. Coral is used to give easeness of lungs and digestive difficulties. It also gives comfortable circlation of the blood systems and to the working heart. It even gives safeness to children and adults, and true-giver coral works hard to heal deficiencies, nerve disorders, depression and lethargy. :)


handmade gemstone necklaces and chokers handmade in Houston Texas

There are 2" matching bright red coral gemstone earrings, which are included with this choker set. Large puffed coral nuggets are surrounded with freeform coral branches, and small deep red rounded coral pieces, with one and decorated silver accents dangling below both sets. They are on silver earwires.