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Purple Amethyst and Rock Pendant Gemstone Choker Set

gemstone handmade chokers

This 16.5" deep, rich choker set is handmade with medium-large twisted deep amethyst agate gemstones. The nice thing about these is that they have exceptional shades of lilacs, lavenders, white hues that are blended throughout with the deep purple amethyst colors of them. You see the hues make different colors and shapes around inside them, and then dark amethyst round gemstones are mixed in between each of the amethyst agate twisted beads all over, looking and coordinating beautifully. :) Then in the middle is a large light purple amethyst freeform "rock" pendant that makes a gorgeous centerpiece in the choker set. All together, the various purples and mixtures all work wonderful in this choker. :) The choker is completed with a small, sterling silver toggle clasp, which has a "roped" feature across, making for easier attaching.

Amethysts are known throughout as the “Gemstone of High Spirituality and Contentment" as it is very well understand to the a wonderful and extremely powerful stone. :) Amethysts also have very high spiritual vibrations. They have strong healings and cleansing powers which enhance spiritual awareness. Amethysts are protective gemstones. Amethysts are believed they can help to open communications with guardians and angels. It has been understood that this gemstone could ease and remove pains, especially grief, and promote happiness. It has been used for beneficial feelings and smiles when dealing with legality or money issues that could create happier findings or prosperity.

Amethysts offer protection of negative environmental energies. Amethyst gemstones also creates balancing of a person's mental, emotional and physical beings. It can clear various auras, and stabilize any dysfunctional energies within the body or beings. Amethysts have been used throughout all kinds of ancient societies, such as Ancient Rome, for bringing lights of peace, calm, balances, and courages, and for crafting amethyst and light energy into feelings of warmth and love. These gemstones also are believed to arise thoughts of memory, rememberings, understandings of dreams and improving motivational needs.

Amethysts are also gemstones known for all individuals born in the month of February. This is to be a birthstone.


handmade gemstone necklaces and chokers handmade in Houston Texas

Detail image of the light purple amethyst "rock" pendant" of the choker. As a very nice centerpiece, you may also see the deep purple amethyst twisty gemstone beads with their lilac and lavender hues throughout them, and also the dark purple amethyst gemstones in between.


handmade gemstone necklaces and chokers handmade in Houston Texas

There are 2" matching amethyst gemstone earrings, included with this choker set. They entail the medium-large deep purple amethyst agate gemstones and are bottomed with dark purple amethysts. A lovely look, which has them on sterling silver French earwires.