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Dalmation Jasper with Onyx and Wood Gemstone Choker Set

gemstone handmade chokers

A 16.5" choker which is handmade with larger rounded Dalmation Jasper gemstones. These unique gemstones have apparent, but irregular light to darker shades of a "pewtered grey" and noticeable black spots on each Dalmation Jasper beading. There is a very unusual pattern of pairs of Onyx gemstones in a flattender to puffed formation and opposited handcarved lightened ivory Wood Chips. Also there is transition of pairs of the lightened ivory wood chips to be embracing the Onyx gemstones. Both of these patterns are oppositioning the Dalmation Jasper gemstones, which is completing this uniquely design of gemstones and Mother Nature items. :) The choker is completed with a "gold-pewter" lobster claw clasp to compliment the color variations.

Onyx is a gemstone that helps to repel negative energies. The stone has been worn to also keep bad influences away as it is a stone which can repel such negativity. Onyx is also worn to help the healing of blood disorders and cell damage.


handmade gemstone necklaces and chokers handmade in Houston Texas

There are Dalmation Jasper gemstones in these 1.25" earrings with single lightened ivory wood chips and single round onyx gemstones, which are included with this handmade choker set. They are on 14K gold-filled French earwires for security.