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Amethyst Gemstone Choker Set

gemstone handmade chokers

This 16.5" gemstone choker is handmade with dark amethyst gemstones. These deep amethyst stones are high quality, due to their dark, rich coloring. Sparatic Swarovski aurora borealis rondelle crystals are placed into the choker, giving sparkle to the dark elegance of the choker. Completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.


handmade gemstone necklaces and chokers handmade in Houston Texas

There are matching amethyst earrings with Swarovski rondelle crystals included with this choker set. They are on sterling silver French earwires.

The amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. Amethyst instills inner peace and tranquility. It bestows stability and strength and has been worn to encourage and support sobriety. Amethysts have calming, healing, inspiring and protective qualities and can enhance psychic awareness.