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Gemstone Chokers - 114

Hawaiian Lava Rock and Jigsaw Wood Choker Set with Blue Lace Agate Pendant

gemstone handmade chokers

A 16.25" choker handcrafted with puffed oval pieces of 'Hawaiian Lava Rock'. This is made of dark pieces with several natural holes embedded in each gemstone. :) Near the top you will notice a few sections of light and dark naturally broken pieces of soothing 'Jigsaw Wood' that has lovely characteristics in a few parts of this choker. Otherwise, you will see light and dark settled freshwater pearls with natural mood rings in a few of them, around the choker. A large, arched, handmade 'Blue Lace Agate Gemstone' with subtle swivel lines and arcs around it with settling indentions around it. They make beautiful combinations to the choker, and the entire piece looks fantastic together. :) Completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Blue lace agate is a powerful healing gemstone, which is used during meditation. This gemstone instills peace and happiness and relieves stressful emotions, allowing a clear thinking mind. It has been worn by individuals with arthritic conditions and bone weakness. Blue lace agate also brings balance to the wearer.

Earrings to Choker Set

gemstone handmade chokers

Handcrafted 1.5" earrings which enable the two different freshwater pearls dangling beneath, and the matching round dark Hawaiian Lava Rock bead hanging above to complete the set of earrings. The earrings hang through the earrings on sterling silver French ball earwires.