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Fire Agate and Crystal Gemstone Choker

gemstone handmade chokers

A warm and vibrant 17" choker handmade with unusual gemstones of fire agates. The gemstones contain colors of light orange, with "crackles" of white. Lovely clear mountain crystals, referred to as 'Herkimer Diamonds', which is due to their being located in Herkimer, New York, are blended into this design. The choker is completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Fire Agate gemstones are said to have a stabilizing effect on the energy fields of the body. They transform and clear negative energies from the emotions, helping the body to elimate envy, anger, fear, and sorrow. Fire Agates are mainly found in volcanic rock formations in areas of Southern Mexico, California and Arizona.

Herkimer Diamonds are stones utilized for protection and energy. They are, in fact, minature, double-terminated quartz crystals. Quartz crystals are symbolic of spiritual and intellectual qualities of humans and are used to alter states of consciousness and in healing.