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Gemstone Chandelier Handmade Earrings 111

Vintage-styled Jade and Emerald Gemstone Chandelier Earrings

Handmade chandelier earrings

These lovely chandelier earrings, measuring just over 2" in length, are handmade with a pair of exquisite Tibetan silver which encase beautiful emeralds. Pairs of soft jade gemstones dangle on opposite sides of the emeralds, and are accentuated with petite clear Swarovski crystals. A pair of large, pear-shaped clear Swarovski crystals bring wonderful shimmer to the earrings, which are afixed to ornate, sterling silver frames. Completed with sterling silver French ball earwires. Emeralds are gemstones that are believed to be calming, helping to promote balance and nourishment of the spirit, helping to ease emotional upsets. It has been utilized to aid in eliminating negative energies, helping to bring happiness. Emerald has also been worn to help improve memory and bring blissful sleep. Jade is a balancing gemstone, and as such, is believed to be an emotional healer. It is though to offer good health and love. Jade also helps to bring resolution, and has been used to bring positive dreams.