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Gemstone Chandelier Handmade Earrings 108

Ruby Quartz with Purple Agate Gemstone Chandelier Earrings

Handmade chandelier earrings by Houston Crafts

This is a colorful pair of 2" to 2.5" gemstone chandelier earrings. It is handmade with with a single and beautiful ruby-cherry quartz gemstone which is oval and faceted in the center. This lovely pair has medium and faceted purple glass beads that were handcrafted in talented Czech Republic for their known glass perfection of beads. Demonstrating brightness and shine in them, double pairs of mixed purple agate gemstones hang nicely down both centers of this gemstone chandelier earring pair. All together, the beads make very nice combinations and elegance. The beads display from delicate and dainty gold-filled "flowers" above with the pair hanging from 14K gold-filled French ball earwires and look lovely.

Ruby Quartz is a beautiful gemstone which is becoming popular, due to its association with well-norm quartz gemstones such as Citrine, Agate, Onyx and Amethyst. Ruby Quartz is also regarded to be a delicate gemstone, which makes it a lovely gift for individuals of July birthdays with ruby birthstones. It is a rare, yet beautiful quartz mined only from the planet by trained artisans. Purple Agate is a blendful gemstone of purples, with slight hues of "moon whites" in unique and occasional arrangements. Purple Agate gemstones are believed to give good luck, harmony, and brings protections. It also eliminates negative energies and its cleansing effect is believed to be strong to emotional and physical needs. It brings healings and cleansings to the pancreas, eyes, stomach, uterus, and the lymphatic system while issueing longevity. A good design of gemstones for ladies. :)