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Turquoise and Chrysocolla Gemstone Bracelet

Handmade bracelets

This soothing 7.5" bracelet,is handmade with rectangular pieces of chrysocolla gemstones. Snuggled either side of the chrysocolla are light blue turquoise heishe beads and drops of turquoise briolettes dangle through the bracelet, which is completed with a sterling silver bracelet. Chrysocolla is a gemstone that is used to heal heartache and heal the capacity to love. The gemstone also alleviates guilt and brings joy to the wearer. It has been worn to detoxify the liver and kidneys, heals infections, lowers blood pressure and brings relief of muscle pains. Turquoise is a gemstone which is a suitable gift for people celebrating their 11th avnniversary. Turquoise is worn to dispel negative energy and to protect against pollutants. It alleviates cramps and pain and has detoxifying effects on the whole body.