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Citrine and Fire Crackle Agate Gemstone Bracelet

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This chunky-styled 8" bracelet is handmade with warm, freeform pieces of natural citrine gemstones. Round beads of earth-toned fire crackle agate gemtsones, containing lovely shades of light and dark browns, soft and burnt oranges, blacks, whites, and sand are visible in the gemstones. Faceted soft silver glass briolettes are spread throughout the design, bringing a cooling to the bracelet, which is completed with a petite 14K gold-filled lobster claw clasp. Citrine has been utilized by ancient healers to increase self esteem, protect the wearer from negative energy, to help individuals with digestive conditions as citrine is believed to be beneficial to both the endocrine and digestive systems, in cleansing, purifying and eliminating unprocessed toxins in the body. Citrine is an excellent stone to calm and soothe stressful situations as some individuals use it to aid in relieving depression, while bringing joy and love to the wearer. Fire Crackle Agate is a wonderful stone which helps to also protect the wearer against negative energies. This gemstone, when combined with Golden Stones, such as citrine, helps to relieve depression and unhappy thoughts while giving the wearer an invigorating feeling. Fire Crackle Agate is also worn to strengthen the body's energies and connection with the Earth.