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Green Garnet and Olive Jade Gemstone Bracelet

Handmade bracelets

This bracelet, measuring just shy of 8.5" in length, is handmade with high-quality pieces of lovely green garnet gemstones. These gemstones are naturally and raw carved, with crystalline shine emitting through them. For beautiful combinations, four oval pieces of light olive jade gemstones are embedded with smaller beads of faceted smoky quartz gemstones. The bracelet has slight weighted feelings from the green garnet gemstones, and the bracelet is completed with a small sterling silver clasp for security. Green Garnet is a precious and rare gemstone as this particular garnet has beautiful coloring of healing greens, with small views of crystalline shining from inside the green garnets. This gemstone is believed to encourage and strengthen relationships of all kinds. It helps improve listening and communication skills, and throughout centuries, green garnet is said to be a powerful healing gemstone for the heart and feelings of love. It can help bring order to chaotic or stressful energies, enabling peace and comfort. Furthermore, Olive Jade is a natural gemstone said to represent serenity and purity. It signifies wisdom, which can be gathered in tranquil environments. Olive Jade, being green as well, also brings feelings of love and nurturing. Being a protective stone, Olive Jade protects from harm and increases peace, calms the mind, releases negativity, and enables the body to heal itself, aid in its filtrations, and to remove toxins. Smoky Quartz is an excellent grounding stone. It helps to erode negativity and is detoxifying on all levels. Smoky Quartz works to erase fear and stress, and to raise the wearer with high, positive feelings. All three gemstones in this design all work together to bring strength and protection to the heart, and to feelings of love and peace.