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Smoky Quartz Glass with Jade Gemstone Bracelet

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This beaded bracelet, measuring 8" in length, is handmade with exquisite jade gemstones which are handcarved into delicate flowers. Helix cut smoky quartz glass beads enhance the earthy tones of the design and petite dark green freshwater pearls compliment the jade flowers. Completed with a petite roped sterling silver toggle clasp. Jade is a gemstone that is believed to be a love-attracting stone. It is frequently given between a man and woman for an engagement or anniversary. The color of jade is also considered to be healing and is believed to be helpful for kidney, heart and stomach ailments. Ancient Mayans wore amulets of jade for protection from these disorders. Due to the color of jade, many civilizations have also worn and given jade for bringing about success and money in business transactions.